Janet and Ralph are alternative health researchers.Valuable Information From the Doctors Who Discovered Effective Alternative, Holistic and Natural Medicine Therapies That Promote Optimal Health and Minimize the Risks of Heart Attack, Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke, Pneumonia and other Quality Of Life Threatening Diseases Will Be Our Focus

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You can benefit from knowing our Health Secrets!

After spending almost every day in the hospital visiting Dad, who Had a stroke on May 23, 2004, you and your family members and friends can benefit from knowing Janet's and my Health Secrets and mental strategies discovered over 40 years of  experimenting with different alternative, Holistic and Natural Medicine therapies."


This valuable information will be delivered one dose at a time through my .

to start reading about the terrible, catastrophic health events that struck down my mom and dad within two months of each other. These events provided the incentive to dedicate my time to sharing the therapies that are effective and inexpensive.


Weekly, we will turn the daily into separate webpages with links to each day.

This will make it easy for you to read the important information. At the end of the month, our goal is to create an in-depth article with the input of the Doctors in the Alternative Medicine Hall of Fame.


This in-depth article will contain all the SECRET information you will never see in the conventional press.

The techniques and therapies are used world-wide by doctors who are focused on keeping their patients healthy. Most countries just cannot afford the incredible costs associated with treating people only when they are sick or injured.


Preventive medical care is a necessity in most countries.

In many Asian countries, the doctors only get paid when the patients are healthy. When the patients are sick or injured, the doctors must treat them free. The profit focus is on keeping patients in optimal condition, so the doctors can just sit back and enjoy life.


In the United States, the entire medical process is geared for maximum crisis medical care in the last 60 days of life.

With my dad and mom and recently Janet's mom victims of catastrophic disease, Janet and I have personally experienced the tragedy of this philosophy. Strokes, heart attacks and cancer, diabetes, arthritis among other diseases, change the quality of life for everyone in the family.


Something is wrong when the entire focus is on sickness rather than health.

Drugs, surgery, complicated tests, IVs, physical therapy, speech therapy, etc. are very expensive. When the focus is on crisis medical care, the costs skyrocket.  Unfortunately, this is where most hospitals and doctors make the big money.


Saving a person's life after a catastrophic event is definitely worthwhile.

You want your loved one to survive! If you are the victim, don't you want to live? Of course, we all do. We are in the same boat.


Fortunately, there is no better crisis medical care in the world.

The doctors, nurses, attendants, therapists are the most wonderful people in the world. They really do care about their patients and want them to get better.


After seeing them in action...how they lovingly care for my dad, we are very grateful.

They are the unsung heroes of our society. Won't it be a better idea to provide them the best tools and therapies available? Why not give them the opportunity to use the instruments, therapies and strategies that work faster and better?


Our prayer is that you apply and benefit from the secrets we share.

You and your loved ones don't have to experience our family disaster! There is no reason to suffer and sacrifice beyond what you can imagine.


Don't you want to escape the quality of life threatening diseases like cancer, stroke and heart attack? Do you wonder what are the free and the least expensive things you can do to improve your health and escape serious disease?

On a priority basis we will share our secrets of the free things you can do to get optimal benefits.

Breathing, drinking water, exercising and your mental attitude are secret components of an optimal health program that provides your with a healthy existence. Air, water and exercise are free. You definitely would benefit from adequate amounts of each. When you know the facts and quantities necessary for great health, you are on your way to a wonderful life.


Alternative, holistic and natural health therapies and supplements can also increase your health levels.

Many of these are inexpensive. Not only do you look younger and feel better, you have more energy. Your mental attitude improves. You are more optimistic. It is easier to keep a positive attitude...no matter what happens.


In most cases, things happen in our lives and those of our loved ones over which we have no control.

About the only thing we can choose is our attitude...how we will respond to the different events. It is simply amazing how much better life is when you have adequate amounts of energy...look good, feel great and choose optimism.


Janet and I are firm believers in prevention.

Now that we see the consequence of catastrophic disease in our families, we don't want to go down that same trail. You probably don't either. For us Babyboomers we need to be healthy and optimistic to help take care of our parents and sometimes our kids and grandkids.


Janet's mom just fell yesterday, July 5th, and experienced two very bad breaks in her leg and arm.

She is 78 and has diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and other symptoms related to aging. She is now under heavy sedation. The doctors are very concerned about operating because of her many other health problems.


Now Janet and I are dealing with two catastrophic health events occurring in different parts of the country.

"When it rains, it pours!" is a good description of our lives. Who could has imagined this would have happened simultaneously. We are still waiting to hear how her surgery goes on Friday.


One of my favorite uncles died from complications of Alzheimer's during my trip across the desert.

We attended his funeral last Wednesday. He finally passed away after suffering for over 5 years from the devastating effects of Alzheimer's. The long term trauma on my aunt and my cousins was immense.


When you see your aging parents and relatives suffering terribly, it breaks your heart.

For years I have been sharing health secrets with our loved ones, but in most cases it is too little too late. At the age 13, I became the family pariah after studying "How to be healthy."


Few wanted to hear anything negative about their eating, drinking or exercising habits.

It took many years to learn it is better to, "Just shut up!" Only give advice when it is requested. And then keep it as simple as possible!


Janet and I will the intimate details of our other experiences with therapies that have helped us tremendously.

Some of the topics will be: oxygen, water, nutrition, exercise, mental attitude, digestion, food allergies, parasites, elimination, balancing energy systems in the body and beneficial therapies like massage, rolfing, Shin Jin Jyutsu, hand and foot reflexology, auricular (ear) therapy, the Synchrodyne, Acuscope and Myopulse.


After many years of health research, the answer is clear.

Health is not a mystery. All you have to do is just use your common sense. When you ask the question, "What are the most important things I need to survive from a moment to moment basis?" The answer is right before your very eyes."

 "Special Focus On How To Prevent and Reverse The Effects of A Massive Stoke, Pneumonia and Congestive Heart Failure!"

The BIG question facing my family today is, "What do you do when one or both of your beloved family members suffer a quality of life threatening disease like a stroke, congestive heart failure and pneumonia?"

I sit here at my computer with tears rolling down my cheeks. FEAR of the unknown threatens my peace and financial security like the "sword of Damocles," hanging by a thin thread above my head.


As the water from my broken heart splashes onto my keyboard, I think of all of you other Baby Boomers in my shoes, soon to be or already there.

Are you also facing or in the midst of dealing with the gut wrenching decisions of what to do with your parents? I am crying for my mom and dad and our grandkids and their parents.


Is out lifestyle as we now know it changed forever?

Radical changes are now forced upon us by events forged in the nightmares of our dreams. Not in our wildest imaginations did we ever consider life threatening diseases would impact our family. Are you suffering a similar situation also?


What am I to do now that quality of life threatening diseases have catastrophically struck both my mom and dad within two months?

A massive stroke, congestive heart failure and pneumonia have devastated my family in the last two months. My mom, at 88, barely survived pneumonia and congestive heart failure, in March of this year. My dad, at the age of 82, on Sunday, May 23, suffered a massive stroke. He is still in critical care and is paralyzed on the left side. Will he make it out of the hospital alive? What will happen to my mom?


Why is it so hard for parents to accept the advice of their kids?

If only my mom and dad had taken to heart more  advice about how to be healthier over the last 40 years. They witnessed how dramatically the different alternative, complimentary, natural and holistic therapies helped me and Janet.


Why wouldn't they at least try some of the therapies that were so beneficial before catastrophe struck?

The agony of knowing our loved ones don't have to suffer catastrophic diseases like heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, cancer and congestive heart failure wrenches my soul. My frustration levels are off the chart. "What can you do when the answers are right in front of your face and your family members don't want to listen?"


Preventive therapies are worth their weight in gold!

How true is this statement, especially when it is too late? Why do people spend more money on their cars, houses, toys and vacations than their health? Why do they seek after wealth and material possessions, sacrificing their health in the process?


I almost scream out loud, "WAKE UP!"

Am I such an evil person? I constantly fight against the compulsion to take all my family members and friends by their shirts and try to shake some sense into them.


In the inner recesses of my mind I am screaming, "Change your ways before it is too late."

I know. I know! Screaming at people you love and shaking them like a dog worries a bone is not politically correct. I promise all my dear friends, family members and visitors not to touch one hair on your head.


But, I will ruffle the feathers of your mind and plead with you to take advantage of the FREE valuable information available at HealthyDoctors.

The information contained in these pages could save your life and that of a loved one. It can help you escape the devastating effects of a catastrophic disease.


Janet and I are now facing the thing everyone in the Baby Boomer Generation fears.

It is time to step up to the plate. Do we have the emotional and financial reserves that are required to make my parents' final days as joyful, peaceful and comfortable as possible?


Are we willing to give back for all the love, caring and support from my mom and dad over 55 years?

 Are we grateful enough to radically change our current lives? What can we do to take care of them the best we possibly can?


Choosing between the grandkids and taking care of dying parents is an agonizing decision.

Janet and I moved to Dallas five years ago to help raise the grandkids and emotionally and financially support our son and daughter-in-law. Life these days seems so difficult on their generation...light years different from the 50s and 60s.


Our decision to help my parents breaks the hearts of many in the family.

As Janet and I drive from Dallas to San Diego on Wednesday, to help take care of my mom and dad, a trail of tears marks our path. The sweet smiling faces of our dear sweet grandchildren and the bitter tears of parting streaming down their cheeks haunts our memories.


"What therapies can reverse or minimize the harmful effects of a massive stroke, pneumonia and congestive heart failure?"  

Are you also concerned about escaping the ravages of these often crippling diseases? Be sure to read the FREE Alternative Health Articles. The information contained in these reports could make a massive positive difference in your life and those of your loved ones!

Janet and Ralph Zuranski look younger, feel better and have more energy. 

They are professional health researchers and Holistic Health Guinea Pigs. Janet and Ralph have personally experienced many effective and beneficial, health-building therapies. They have invested over 50 years of their lives searching for answers to their own and family member's health problems.


 Do you want to have victory over your health challenges?

If you are you a card carrying member of the Baby Boom Generation, HealthyDoctors.com is the website where you will learn what you need to know to:

  • Feel great for the rest of your life

  • Regain you health if you have lost it

  • Look at least 10 years younger than your peers

  • Have a clear mind that works like a steel trap

  • Have more energy than anyone you know

  • Enjoy a body that is your pain-free, willing servant

  • Enhance your physical and sexual prowess

  • Live longer and better than all your old high school chums


If you knew you were going to live this long, would you have taken better care of yourself?

Let's be truthful. Did you:

  • Thoroughly enjoy growing up in the 1950s...a time of peace, family stability and safety

  • Rebel against just about everything in the middle 1960s through the early 1970s

  • Jump on the "Flower Power" bandwagon by experimenting with drugs, sex and rock and roll music in the late 1960s and early 1970s

  • Search for truth and the meaning of your life...your purpose for existence in the middle to late 1970s

  • Pursue the American dream of a family with three kids, a car and a three bedroom house in the suburbs in the 1980s

  • Join the stampede for money and material possessions in the 1990s

  • Learn the meaning of love, family and friends and working together in the years after September 11, 2001?


Many Baby Boom Boomers are facing the greatest challenges of our lives!

They are facing:

  • Debilitating diseases like heart attacks, cancer and strokes, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, etc.

  • Alzheimer's and/or senility in our parents

  • Unexpected loss of our long-term jobs, pensions and retirement savings

  • Broken families and our kids and grandkids showing up on our doorsteps...crushed by the difficulties of this strange, cruel world

  • Stress levels so high it is hard to sleep or even get all our work completed on a timely basis

  • Fear of the unknown... in the forms of terrorism, financial difficulties and emotional insufficiency


The GOOD NEWS is that there are ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS for your health challenges!

Heart attack, stroke, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, environmental illness, Alzheimer's, senility, arthritis, emotional pain, poverty and fear are NOT inevitable or even a life sentence. There are many people who are enjoying life to its fullest. You can. The most important thing is, "You need the healthy vehicle to enjoy your journey through life."


You only have one body!

It is your choice. Do you want an old, broken down wreck or a high powered sports car. The secret of a wonderful, productive and enjoyable life is to:

  • Keep your body and mind running like a fine-tuned, computer controlled Mercedes

  • Avoid dangerous areas

  • Quickly repair any body damage

  • Fix major breakdowns


There are many beneficial and effective therapies that can help.

There is a huge list of things you can do to minimize your risk and help damaged cells heal. There are many doctors and effective therapies that can help you feel better, have more energy and look your best. Most of them are inexpensive and readily available.


"Health knowledge is power!"

"Ignorance is definitely not bliss!" In the last century, common sense health was a virtue learned from knowledgeable parents, nurses and doctors! Natural healing methods flourished because there was no high-tech, surgical or drug alternatives. People followed simple basic health rules:

  1. Eat locally grown foods in season when hungry.

  2. Drink small amounts of local water often.

  3. Walk, do light work and exercise every day.

  4. Sleep when it is dark.

  5. Rest one day every week and when you are tired.

  6. When sick or injured, rest, drink plenty of fluids and let the body heal completely.

  7. Think positive!

Life in this century is very different.

Acceptable levels of health is not as easy to attain as in years past. The food was better. The environment was less polluted. Stress levels were at a minimum.


According to population statistics, health declines dramatically with age.

Most people after the age of 40 suffer from a wide variety of undesirable disease symptoms: lack of energy, chronic fatigue, persistent pain, sexual dysfunction, poor memory, relentless pain, etc.


Ralph and Janet, have searched for health for 50 years.

 They discovered the therapies, doctors and products that helped them overcome a wide range of difficult health problems. The following are just a few of the health challenges:

  • A compromised immune system

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Symptoms related to menopause

  • Depression and suicidal tendencies

  • Severe back and neck pain

  • Painful sciatica

  • Adrenal exhaustion

  • Spastic bowel and chronic diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Major food allergies

  • Prolonged candida infections

  • Environmental toxicity from mercury, lead toxicity and other heavy metals

You also can look good and feel great!

Some of the health professionals who have helped Ralph overcome severe health problems are: Dr. Linda Martin, DO a pioneer in NeuroCranial restructuring and BioCranial therapies, Richard Merbler, MM, a certified Rolfer, Dr. Garry Gordon, DO, one of the greatest health researchers of our time, Dr. John Trowbridge, DO, a pioneer in back pain relief, Dr. Al Johnson, DO, a leader in environmental medicine and degenerative diseases, Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, the Father of Medical Freedom in Alaska and Dr. Michael Borkin,NMD, one of the leaders in discovering effective solutions for the discomforts caused by female menopause and hormone imbalance. They discovered important secrets of how to improve your health and vitality. They are anxious to share these therapies with you.


Click Here to read the back issues of the HealthyDoctors Insight Newsletters.

The information is interesting and valuable, the fruit of studying the writings and testing the therapies of the Pioneers of Alternative Medicine. Click Here to read Dr. Linda Martin's answers to the most recent questions asked in the month of March by visitors to the HealthyDoctors website.


Pioneers in alternative medicine sacrificed!

They dedicated their lives, to help others and themselves. They faced almost impossible odds. Their goal was to achieve the highest levels of health and disease resistance possible. These Alternative Medicine Pioneers deserve our respect and admiration. They researched, developed and perfected and promoted different beneficial therapies and health strategies. Click Here to listen to audios by Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, Author of the Second Opinion Newsletter" on Alternative Medicine.


It is never too late to learn health secrets!

 You to can make a positive difference in your levels of health and mental performance. Don't wait until a preventable disease disrupts or destroys your quality of life.


Ralph and Janet Zuranski are professional health researchers and Holistic Health Guinea Pigs.

They will be your guides to the most effective and powerful healing therapies available. Ralph and Janet know what works from personal experience. During their combined 50 years of research, they have made a few mistakes, but benefited from many valuable therapies. Their search for health and optimal human performance is a testimony to their stubbornness and refusal to give up, no matter what. Their willingness to try any therapy, to see if it would help, produced unimaginable rewards.


You will have the opportunity to read, enjoy and learn from the "Biorhythm Chronicles!"

This is going to be an exciting and humorous, weekly fictional story. Some people learn more and faster when they have the opportunity to engage their entire mind by reading an action-packed story with characters they can relate to. This story begins in 1949 and chronicles the history of the Baby Boom Generation with a focus on health and social issues.


The "Biorhythm Chronicles" will be written in a cliff-hanger, comic book episode format.

Each week you will be left hanging...wondering how the characters can possibly survive even one more day. San Diego California will be the location. The search for high levels of health and optimal human performance over the last 50 years promises to be enlightening as well as extremely funny. Click Here to sign up for the HealthyDoctors Insight Newsletter to qualify to receive your weekly spell-binding episode beginning soon.

Click Here to listen to FREE Audios on alternative health topics by Doctor Robert Rowen, MD, Author of the "Second Opinion Newsletter." Click Here to download FREE Reflex and Auricular Charts and Brain Tests to help you and your loved ones have victory over disease and attain higher levels of heath !

Click Here to read Ralph and Janet's updated story about how he is dealing with his dad's recent stroke on May 23, 2004.

to read our HealthyDoctors Blog about the daily events facing our family in light of dad suffering a major stroke.

Read the other chapters of our Baby Boomer  Saga concerning our aging parents by Clicking Here.


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