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Dr. Morton Walker Editorial Director Of Freelance Communications

Morton Walker, D.P.M. worked for nearly seventeen years as a doctor of podiatric medicine. In 1969, he left his practice to become a full time writer. His one of the few professional freelance medical journalists focusing on the area of alternative medicine. 


Dr. Walker is a prolific writer.

Dr. Walker is the author of 73 published books (including 14 bestsellers each with over 150,000 copies sold) plus over 2,200 magazine, newspaper, and clinical journal articles. Every month, Dr. Walker writes for five periodicals: two holistic medicine journals, two consumer health magazines, and the trade journal of the health products industry.


Dr. Walker is a media personality.

Dr. Walker has presented his book concepts on more than 2,030 media events, including national, international (by satellite) and local radio and TV talk shows, press interviews, lectures, video films, audio tapes, news conferences and infomercials. He specializes in researching and writing in the sciences of health care known as biological (Wholistic) medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, and alternative (complementary or integrative) methods of healing.


Dr. Walker has been recognized many awards.

The winner of 23 medical journalism awards and medals, Morton Walker's journalism excellence was recognized by major organizations: 

  • In 1992, The Humanitarian Award from the Cancer Control Society which named him "The world's leading medical journalist specializing in Wholistic medicine," 

  • In 1981, The Orthomolecular Award from the Institute of Preventive Medicine, which states; "For outstanding achievement in orthomolecular education. In the face of adversity you have persevered giving new meaning to the right of each citizen to choose his own medical treatment."

  • In 1979, The Humanitarian Award offered by the American College for Advancement 'in Medicine: "For informing the American public on alternative methods of healing." 

  • In 1975 and 1976, Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Awards from the American Business Press, Inc. for producing the best series of magazine articles published in any audited American magazine.

  • William J. Stickel Annual Awards for Research and Writing and Annual Hall of Science Awards for Scientific Exhibits, bestowed by the American Podiatry Association in the years 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, and 1966.

  • Most years he won two podiatry writing awards, including 1964, when he received both the coveted Gold Medal and Silver Medal from the American Podiatry Association. 

  • Eight Maxwell N. Cupshan Memorial Awards for podiatric research and writing from The Journal of Current Podiatric Medicine. Then, vicariously, Dr. Walker has been the unnamed recipient of another eight awards from that same podiatry journal for having ghosted winning articles for his former colleagues in podiatric medicine.


Dr. Walker learned investigative journalism for informing the medical consumer after leaving podiatric practice by contributing to local newspapers. Earning a comfortable income as a full time freelancer had been his dream, and rendering professional foot care was not. 


For five years, thereafter, Dr. Morton Walker instructed continuing education students at the University of Connecticut in two courses, "Writing Nonfiction for Publication" and "Writing Fiction for Publication." For five years, he was underwater science editor for Dive Magazine and scuba diving editor for Small Boat World Magazine.


From his home in Stamford, Connecticut, Dr. Walker has combined medical knowledge and writing ability in his second highly successful career as a professional medical journalist and author for twenty-nine years. A few of his popular bestsellers are:

  • Chelation Therapy (M, Evans, 1980, $12.50) with 128,000 in print

  • Orthomolecular Nutrition (Keats Publishing, Inc., 1978, $8.95) with 354,000 sold; 

  • Nutrients to Age Without Senility (Keats Publishing, Inc., 1979, $10.95) with 296,000 sold

  • How Not to Have a Heart Attack (Franklin Watts, 1980, $7.95) with 148,000 in print 

  • The Miracle Healing Power of Chelation Therapy (Fischer Publishing, 1984, $18.95) with 68,000 sold but then updated, fully rewritten, and retitled The Chelation Way (Avery Publishing Group, 1990, $12.95) with 156,000 in print to date; 

  • The Yeast Syndrome (Bantam Books, 1986, $6.95) with 1,767500 in print;

  • Pain, Pain Go Away (Ishi Press, Inc., 1990, $18.95) with 110,000 in print;

  • The Chelation Answer (M. Evans, 1982, $16.95) with 354,000,sold, including 56,000 of the reprinted mail order paperback (Second Opinion Publishing, Inc., 1994, $16.96); 

  • DMSO: Nature's Healer (Avery Publishing Group, 1993, $12.95) with 159,000 sold; 

  • Sexual Nutrition (G.P. Putnam & Sons, 1984, $16.95) with 49,000 in print, (transferred to Zebra Books, 1986, $3.95) with 66,000 sold, (transferred to Avery Publishing, 1994) with 97,000 in print; 

  • Olive Leaf Extract (the Kensington Publishing Corp,, 1997, $5.99) with 154,000 in print; 

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Avery Publishing, 1998, $13.95);

  •  Heartburn and What to Do About it (Avery Publishing, 1998, $10.95); and more published books.


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