Steven Gardner Is One Of The Most Creative Artists In The World Today, Amazing People Of All Ages With His Fascinating Hidden Images That Exercise Both Brain Hemispheres


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I would like to introduce myself. I'm Steven Gardner, a native of San Diego, California. I love animals and have always tried to surround myself with all the things that nature has to provide. My love for the animal kingdom and passion for preserving our environment has given me the inspiration and basis for the subjects of my artwork.

I've been drawing and painting as a full time artist since 1980. Many of my original designs have been widely published in magazines and books. For many years I have created designs for zoos across the country. These are still available as signed and numbered prints, posters, jigsaw puzzles, note cards and apparel wear.

I am currently working on new animal designs and look forward to sharing them with you in the future! When your livelihood depends on creating attractive, interesting images and presenting them to the public for sale it's so very important to be in touch with and have your finger on the pulse of the ever changing interests of wildlife collectors. I love to read the responses of the visitors who see my work here. Please feel free to drop me an E-mail at

I look forward to hearing your comments!


Steven Gardner

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