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Michael Schachter, MD Personal Information

Michael Schachter, MD graduated magna cum laude from Columbia College. He received his M.D. degree from Columbia’s P&S in 1965 and  is board certified in psychiatry and chelation therapy.


Dr. Schachter has been involved with alternative and complementary medicine since 1974.  He is a recognized leader in orthomolecular psychiatry, nutritional medicine, chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease and alternative cancer therapies. 


Dr. Schachter co-authored the book  Food, Mind and Mood in 1980. He is the author of The Natural Way to a Healthy Prostate in 1995. 


Dr. Schachter was a major contributor to the article, Alternative Medicine’s Definitive Guide to Cancer (Future Medicine, 1997).  He is  involved with several complementary medicine organizations. He was  President of ACAM, the American College for Advancement in Medicine from 1989-1991. He is the current President of FAIM, the Foundation For the Advancement of Innovative Medicine.


 A frequent lecturer to both professionals and the public, Dr. Schachter also is often a guest on radio and television, speaking about health and related topics.


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