Saliva and Blood Tests Identify Hormonal Imbalances In Men and Women.

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Scientists Now Realize Hormonal Balance Is Critical. Both Women and Men Need a Correct Balance Of Hormonal Activity To Be Healthy Physically and Emotionally.

The balance of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, adrenaline, cortisol, and DHEA is more important than single hormone replacement like Premarin. Frightening new research shows indiscriminate supplementation with powerful hormones and precursors may cause more harm than good.


If You Don’t Know The Specific Levels Of The Hormones Over a 24 hr Period, It Is Impossible To Achieve a Balance That Is So Critical For Optimal Physical and Mental Health.

A primary marker for the aging process in both men and women is a decrease in the normal hormone levels responsible for fertility, energy, muscle strength, libido and the symptoms of menopause.


Hormone Levels Change Dramatically As We Age.

Both women and men often wonder what went wrong with their personal relationships. It really is hard to believe estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, adrenaline, cortisol, DHEA and melatonin levels have such a dramatic impact on our emotions, self-confidence, immunity and energy levels. The truth is their effect is huge!


Women Are Affected More By Hormonal Imbalances Than Men.

Customized hormonal supplementation creams that use a transdermal delivery system are very effective. The exclusive transdermal system delivers the necessary hormones directly to the specific organs without a build up of the hormones in the tissues. 


Saliva and Blood Hormone Tests Are Two Ways You Can Find Out What Is Wrong With Your Hormonal System.

Once you discover the imbalances, it is often easy to resolve the problem. General hormonal balancing creams are beneficial. Personalized creams are exponentially more effective because they provide the exact hormones required for balance!


Hope Is Now Available For Chronic Pain Patients Who Are Sick and Tired Of Daily Suffering!

Have you been fighting chronic pain too long? Dr. Martin has helped thousands of chronic pain patients over 20 years. She is a pioneer in the field effective pain relief. Knowledge and experience equals good results. Dr. Martin researched many different therapies for effectiveness and safety. She utilizes many different treatment protocols and technologies to relieve pain. Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR (Neurocranial Restructuring)) is one of the most effective. This amazing technology, in most cases, minimizes pain by balancing the skeletal system.  This therapy should be a first resort rather than the last one.


Primary Causes Of Disease Are Harmful Toxins, Dangerous Microbes and Poor Diet

For centuries, Individuals Have Searched For The Causes Of Disease.

Scientists and alternative medicine doctors have known for many years the truth about most diseases. Unhealthy lifestyles, dangerous microbes and environmental pollution are the culprits. Radiation, tobacco, drugs, pesticides, insecticides, alcohol, heavy metals, microbial infections and a poor diet compromise the immune system. They decrease the quality of life for many.


Many Doctors Wage War Against Patients’ Symptoms.

Symptoms are the body’s attempt to solve a problem. Knowledgeable doctors understand them and provide effective solutions.


Deadly Microbes Are Now Implicated In Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes,  Arthritis,  AIDS, MS and Fibromyalgia

Microbes that cause infections are now recognized as a co-factors in the development of many diseases. Antibiotics were considered a miracle drug when penicillin was first discovered. Who would have imagined microbes could become resistant to most antibiotics. Epstein Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Chlamydia Pneumonia and Human Herpes Virus 6 are currently wreaking havoc on the human race! Most scientists don’t know what to do!


Heart Attacks and Strokes Are Caused By the Blood Clots That Are Sent To Areas In The Arteries Where Microbes Eat Microscopic Holes In Our Arteries.

New research proves 85% of all sudden deaths from heart attacks and strokes are due to blood clots. The clots are created when vulnerable non-calcified arterial plaque ruptures. The weakened tissues are filled with infections from Chlamydia and Cytomegalovirus. These deadly microbes cause inflammation in the arteries that results in hypercoagulation of the blood. This means the blood thickens and slows as a defense against the infection spreading throughout the body.


New Research On the Human Herpes Virus 6 Is Frightening To Say The Least!

This terrifying new virus is now implicated in the destruction of the immune system that precedes the appearance of HIV. It is also thought to be involved in the development of Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, childhood brain and blood disorders and cancers.


New Research Proves Weight-bearing Exercise Increases Health, Strength and Feelings Of Well-Being At Any Age

Exercise is crucial for optimal health. New research proves exercising with weights can triple strength at any age. A Quantum leap in technology makes exercising fun, easy to use and extremely effective. They isolate the different muscle groups and eliminate any strain on the joints. One set increases strength and flexibility and promotes cardiovascular health. 


Taking Care Of Yourself Should Be Job One!

A healthy body, balanced emotions and strong spirit contribute greatly to peace, happiness, total fulfillment and joy.  Correct breathing, adequate water, exercise, relaxation and good nutrition are important factors.


Few Realize The Value Of Health Until It Is Lost.

Just ask someone who has suffered from a stroke, heart attack or cancer.  Entire families are devastated. Prevention is so important everyone should invest in their health. Small changes like eating better or walking consistently makes a big difference.


Is An Ounce Of Prevention Really Worth A Pound Of Cure?

Few realize the answer is a resounding YES! Dr. Martin recommends patients come in for their annual checkups. She believes it is better to monitor your health levels so you do not place yourself at increased risk of life threatening events. Medical experts now realize optimal health and the strongest immune system possible are your best hope for surviving a killer flu and biological warfare.


Basic Nutrition Is Crucial!

Achieving good health, experiencing emotional well-being and enjoying a long life is possible. You need enough oxygen, plenty of water, small amounts of all the essential and trace minerals, important fatty acids, vitamin C, protein and five servings of fruit and vegetables every day.


Oxygen Is the Most Important Food You Eat On a Daily Basis.

The level of oxygen in the atmosphere has decreased from 38% at the time of the dinosaurs to around 19% today….. a 50% decrease. In some populated cities it is as low as 12%. When you add the pollution in the air, this creates a very serious situation. This is a dangerous level. 7% is required for life support.


Do You Know The Levels of Oxygen Saturation In Your Blood?

The saturation levels of oxygen in the blood can be tested by oximetry testing while sitting, exercising and for an overnight 8 hour period. These tests provide valuable information about oxygen levels. The goal is levels of at least 99% - 100%, the same as people in their twenties. High oxygen levels are one of the prime factors in how you feel, your level of health and a youthful appearance.


Deep Breathing Is A Fast Way To Improve Your Health!

You should fill your tissues with oxygen by doing deep breathing exercises three times a day. Your cells desperately need this important nutrient. Your body dies with in 6 minutes without oxygen.


Water Is the Next Most Important Nutrient In The Chain Of Life.

Your body can survive for only three days without water. Every biochemical process needs water to function. Without water, digestion, elimination, cleansing and cellular repair is impossible.


Drinking 4 Ounces Of Water Every Hour Is Very Beneficial.

Consuming small amounts of water every hour keeps your cells filled with the correct amount of water. If you drink 8 ounces at one time, the water washes important minerals and water soluble nutrients out of your body.


Degenerative Diseases Are Certain Without The Correct Levels of Key Vitamins, Essential Minerals and Crucial Fats

Every person needs the following vitamins, minerals and fatty acids: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Folic Acid, Biotin, Manganese, Chromium, Copper, Silicon, Nickel, Molybdenum, Boron, Iodine, Vanadium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium, and Choline. Without the minimal levels of these critically important nutrients, your health cannot be restored or maintained. Without them, degenerative diseases are inevitable.


While Living In A Land Of Apparent Plenty, Many Are Starving To Death

The soil in most parts of the world is in bad shape. It has been stripped of essential minerals and nutrients by unnatural farming techniques, erosion, toxic spills and chemical fertilizers. The ground is dead and hard as rock. Good microorganisms, insects and earthworms have been burned alive by the high nitrogen chemical fertilizers and killed by insecticides and pesticides.


Most Foods Look Great, But Have Little Taste and Few Usable Nutrients

Seeds and plants have been genetically altered to such a degree our cells barely recognize them as food. The combinations of nutrients are so out of whack, our bodies suffer severe biochemical imbalances. Poor quality soil, altered genetics, pesticides and insecticides destroy your health and promote many different diseases.


Protein Sources May Be Dangerous To Your Health

Antibiotics are used in massive quantities to prevent diseases in chickens, cows, turkeys and other meat sources. They are fed poor quality grasses and grains grown on imbalanced soils. Some are fed ground up animal carcasses and wastes to fatten them up for slaughter.


Dangerous Microbes, Worms and Parasites Infect Some Protein Sources

Much of our animal and fish protein sources are filled with dangerous bacteria, microscopic parasites and environmental poisons. Irradiation of protein sources kills the adult and baby microorganisms and parasites. Unfortunately, the cyst (eggs) often survive and hatch later. Recent studies prove some protein sources are already spoiled and infected with bacteria and parasites while still on the shelves at your market.


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