Preventive Medicine Helps You Dodge The Disease Bullets That Strike Many Who Do Not Follow The Principle, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

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Preventive Medicine Is A Beneficial Perspective To Enjoy Health and Minimize Disease

Preventive Medicine is the evaluation of the patient's current levels of health or physiological deterioration.

The goal is to anticipate disease and develop a personalized strategy to heal injured and deteriorating areas, to eliminate cellular dysfunction, and restore high levels of health and vitality.


Preventive Medicine has been practiced for centuries by the most skilled and progressive physicians.

From Hippocrates to Pasteur doctors and scientists have wrestled with the importance of the cellular and intracellular health in contrast to the impact of microbes on human beings. Many questions plagued discerning minds.


Was the disease caused by a micro-organism or the result of previous cellular degeneration?

Was the breakdown in the immune system caused by poor living and dietary habits? Is the dysfunctional internal environment caused by poor health a perfect breeding ground for pathogenic organisms? Do micro-organisms mutate from one form into another, depending on the health of the individual? Can this path of mutation be reversed?


Recent advances in microscope technology have opened new vistas of understanding.

Dark field and phase contrast microscopy used in the study of live blood has revealed new dimensions of cellular and intracellular activity. The many years of research by Gaston Naessens has resulted in the discovery of an ultramicroscopic, sub-cellular, living and reproducing microscopic form called a somatid.


These forms were found to exist in the intra and inter cellular fluids of all living plants and animals.

Somatids were cultured outside the hosts and went through 16 different changes, each relating to a different level of health for the host organism. As the health improved, the pathogenic cycle reversed direction. When health levels declined the organisms changed from symbiotic to pathological.


Technological breakthroughs in instruments that measure microscopic amounts of energy on the skin have led to the ability to accurately determine the degree of inflammation, degeneration, or balance of organ systems.

This analysis is backed up by conventional medical tests. It provides valuable insights into the health of the energy fields of the body. In most cases there is a breakdown in the energy fields of the body two to three years before the deterioration appears on a cellular level. These devices are state-of -the-art technology that provide accurate and reproducible readings. Homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals, herbs, vaccines, and medicines can be tested and evaluated for their safety and effectiveness for each patient.


Numerous improvements in laboratory techniques and analyzing equipment has resulted in the creation of new biochemical, genetic, microbial, and bacterial tests.

There are immune system evaluations, immuno-toxicology panels, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome tests, gastro-intestinal evaluations, lymphocyte function testing, natural killer cytotoxic activity analysis, and many others.


The evaluation of the biochemistry and biological elements in the body provides valuable information about the the current health status of the patient.

The best solutions to the health problems, such as Biological Response Modifiers (BRMS), can be used to augment, modulate, and restore healthy biological activities in the cells. Good nutrition is also another important factor in restoring and maintaining health.



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