The Oxygen Level In Your Cells Is Crucial To Good Health and Optimal Levels Of Healing.

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If The Oxygen Level In Your Cells Is Too Low, You May Experience One Or More Of The Undesirable Symptoms Listed Below.

Your Doctor needs this information to help your body heal. Click Here to print this form and then  check each box that applies to you. You will need to have Adobe's Acrobats Viewer on your computer to print this document. to go to their download page.




Acid Stomach






Brain Fog



Circulation Problems



Colds, Flu & Infections



Congestive Heart Failure


















Heart Attach



High Blood Pressure






Lowered Immunity



Memory Loss



Muscle Aches



Night Sweats






Poor Digestion



Shortness Of Breath












Swollen Ankles & Feet




If you answered yes to any of the symptoms above, you may be suffering from a lack of oxygen. Until this oxygen deficiency is corrected, your may not experience the level of health you desire.

Oxygen Is the Most Important Food You Eat On a Daily Basis.

High oxygen levels are one of the prime factors in how you feel, your level of health and a youthful appearance. Your cells desperately need this important nutrient. Your body dies within 6 minutes without oxygen. The level of oxygen in the atmosphere has decreased from 38% at the time of the dinosaurs to around 19% today... a 50% decrease. In some populated cities it is as low as 12%. When you add the pollution in the air, this creates a very serious situation. This is a dangerous level. 7% oxygen is required for life support.

Adequate Oxygen Levels At Night, While You Are Sleeping, Is Critical For Optimal Health And Healing.

If the oxygen concentration in you cells drops during the night, your sleep is disrupted. You may wake up many times and not even know it. This pattern is devastating to your cells� ability to cleanse, repair and reproduce. The only clue is you feel exhausted in the morning instead of rested and energized. This tiredness lasts throughout the day. You may need frequent naps and gallons of coffee to stay awake.

Oxygen Is A Critical Nutrient For Life, Health & Mental Sharpness.

Low oxygen is a little known cause of poor health. The creation of energy from food is totally dependent on the amount of oxygen available in the cells. The brain needs oxygen to experience a sense of well-being, and fight free radical damage.

Do You Know The Levels of Oxygen Saturation In Your Blood?

Low oxygen levels can occur at night, even when the oxygen saturation of your blood is normal during the day. The saturation levels of oxygen in the blood can be tested by oximetry testing while sitting, exercising and for an overnight 8 hour period. These tests provide valuable information to your doctor about your oxygen levels. The goal is increase your oxygen levels to at least 99% - 100%, the same as people in their twenties.

What Can You Do To Detect This Potentially Dangerous Problem.

  1. Fill out the questionnaire and return it to your doctor.

  2. Ask your doctor if an overnight, oxygen test would be beneficial.

  3. Take the test in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It is painless and easy to administer. The test begins when you go to sleep and ends upon waking.

Who Pays For The Overnight Test?

Private insurance usually pays for the cost and supplies involved in the test. Sometimes you will need to pay for the testing yourself, but the rewards of optimal oxygen levels are amazing. After all, when a person goes into the hospital, oxygen is one of the first therapies. Why wait until you are on you are close to death before you experience the benefits of oxygen therapy!

Medicare does not pay for the test but covers the costs involved with oxygen therapy, if it is prescribed by your doctor.

What Will Happen After I Return The Test Instrument The Doctor?

  1. The doctor will print out the results of your test and evaluate the oxygen saturation levels over the 8 hour period.

  2. If your test results are normal, this will be one important area that has been ruled out as a potential cause of your symptoms.

  3. If he sees a period where your oxygen levels drop to a dangerous level, he will prescribe low flow oxygen supplementation.

What Are The Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy?

  1. Oxygen therapy helps normalize your blood oxygen concentration so your brain, heart, liver and other organs can cleanse, heal and function correctly.

  2. Free radical damage to the cells will be reduced.

  3. Cellular energy may increase so you feel more energetic.

  4. You may experience a greater sense of well-being and mental clarity.

  5. In the morning, you may feel more rested and ready to tackle any problems that come your way.

  6. Your need for naps and coffee may decrease.

  7. The quality of your life may improve.


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