The ImmunoLabs Bloodprint food test identifies the foods you are eating every day that may be the source of many of your health problems.

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Do you or a loved one suffer from excess weight, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, digestive problems, respiratory ailments, arthritis, yeast infections, skin problems, or other chronic condition? If so, you should be aware of test and therapies that can change your life for the better:

  1. Food allergy blood-testing by ImmunoLabs

  2. Electro-dermal food allergy testing

  3. The “Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique” (NAET) therapy

Many patients suffer from recurring problems.

Nagging illnesses will not go away. They have tried numerous remedies with little or no success. They have visited an incredible amount of doctors. They feel frustrated and helpless. No one and nothing seems to help. For some, the illness has taken over their lives. For example, many patients suffer from severe nasal allergies. Others battle chronic mood swings and abdominal distention. A large number of patients complain of a lack of energy.

I am happy to report all these conditions can be resolved.

I know the value of allergy testing and elimination therapies because I experienced the most profound results. You see, I too, suffered recurring symptoms so severe, I could hardly function. Even with my vast knowledge of modern medicine, the solution escaped me.

ImmunoLabs is one of my most amazing discoveries.

They are one of the most accurate laboratories in the world that specializes in testing blood. They are pioneers in food allergy testing, using a sample of your blood. They test a small sample of your blood to determine the foods that are poisoning your system.

This highly evolved testing makes a big difference in people’s lives.

Now used regularly by more than 1,200 of the nations most advanced thinking health professionals, food allergy testing, using your blood reveals the secret doctors have been missing. “Many health problems, especially chronic ones, are very likely caused by your body reacting adversely to the common foods you eat every day”

Many common health problems have their foundation in your body’s allergic reaction to what you are eating.

Weight problems, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, ear infections, headaches, hyperactivity in children (ADHD) and many other symptoms can be eliminated or reduced in short order. If you know the foods that are bad for you and stop eating them for 90 days, many of your undesirable symptoms improve dramatically. Many patients feel much better in a matter of days. This simple test shines a spotlight on the truth of how your body processes different foods.

Did you know 95% of all people are allergic to certain foods?

The ImmunoLabs test thoroughly analyzes 115 different food antigens— practically every food you could eat. It clearly demonstrates which foods are poisonous or toxic to your body. This is important because fully 95% of us are allergic to certain foods. Some foods make your cells explode as your antibodies attack the food. Imagine this happening on a massive scale in your body, because you ate, let's say, eggs, or a potato, or pasta (everyone is different).

Eating the wrong foods can destroy the quality of your life.

Consuming the foods that are toxic to your system can cause many different chronic conditions:

  1. Arthritis

  2. Headaches, particularly migraines

  3. Fatigue

  4. Puffy eyes

  5. Skin irritations

  6. Asthma

  7. Rhinitis

  8. Eczema

  9. Middle ear disease

  10. Hay fever

  11. Yeast infections

  12. Water retention

  13. Respiratory symptoms

Not all of the foods are poisonous to your cells.

The good news is that it also shows the foods that blend harmoniously with your system. Wouldn't you like to know which ones are good for you?

ImmunoLab’s Bloodprint Test Is Simple, proven and totally scientific.

More than 200,000 case studies are completed. This test is 100% accurate and guaranteed. In a few days, you can find out the foods that have been poisoning your system for perhaps a lifetime.

A very famous TV personality was substantially overweight and then started losing weight.

Initially, no diets were effective in relieving her excess weight. She was completely unaware of 24 different foods that were poisoning her system. Her body was in a struggle to combat all the toxins constantly invading her system. Her metabolism was unable to get rid of the excess weight.

She got the results she was desperately seeking!

When she simply stopped eating the foods that were toxic to her system she immediately felt better and the unwanted pounds started to come off. She also changed her diet and exercise routine.

The whole country watched her daily progress on TV.

She lost 65 pounds by eliminating the foods that were toxic to her system. TV viewers saw her physically changing almost miracuously. Then one day, the suddenly realized she looked completely different. She appeared in all the newspapers and tabloids talking about her weight loss.

A prominent neurosurgeon complained of feeling tired and sluggish every afternoon.

He took the Bloodprint test, discovered the toxic foods and started the allergy elimination program. A few weeks later he said to a friend, “Look at what happened to me! I lost 20 pounds in three weeks and I feel as good as I felt when I was younger.”

More than 200,000 people have benefited from these blood tests.

As a physician, I can tell you it SHOULD be more like 200 million people. The majority of healthcare dollars today are spent on chronic conditions. Most patients who suffer these ailments are treated with drugs to help relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately, the conditions persist and often get worse.

You don’t have to continue to suffer even one more day.

Removing the toxic foods from your diet is so simple. Most people can't believe the answer to some of their most chronic problems could be this easy. Thankfully, it is.



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