Electro-dermal testing of you acupuncture meridians can help determine your allergies to the foods you are eating and the chemicals you are coming in contact with every day that may be the source of many of your health problems.

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If so, you should be aware of a test that can change your life for the better. It is called Electro-dermal food allergy and toxic chemical testing.

Many patients suffer from recurring problems.

Nagging illnesses will not go away. They have tried numerous remedies with little or no success. They have visited an incredible amount of doctors. They feel frustrated and helpless. No one and nothing seems to help.

For some, the illness has taken over their lives.

Many patients suffer from severe nasal allergies. Others battle chronic mood swings and abdominal distention. A large number of patients complain of a lack of energy.

I am happy to report all these conditions can be resolved.

I know the value of allergy and chemical testing and elimination therapies because I experienced the most profound results. I suffered recurring symptoms so severe, I could hardly function. Even with my vast knowledge of modern and alternative medicine, the solution escaped me.

Electro-dermal food allergy and toxic chemical testing transformed my life.

I have had the good fortune to treat many people for a wide assortment of health complaints. When I discovered the value of Electro-dermal meridian stress assessment testing, I was amazed. It captures a picture of the patient's energy patterns for allergens and toxic chemicals. Unhealthy energy patterns indicate the imbalance in the body when food allergies or toxic chemicals are present.

This testing has helped many doctors and their patients.

Most doctors now realize that many chronic, health problems are the result of your body’s adverse reaction to foods and toxic chemicals that may be virtually poisoning your system. Weight problems, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, ear infections, headaches, hyperactivity in children (ADHD) and many other nagging symptoms may be eliminated or reduced.

95% of us are allergic to certain foods and chemicals.

Some foods and chemicals make your cells explode as your antibodies attack the foreign invaders. Imagine this happening on a massive scale in your body, because you ate eggs, or a potato, or pasta or got exposed to toxic chemicals. Everyone is different. Specific foods and chemicals affect each person in a unique way.

Not all of the foods and chemicals have a negative impact on your cells

Wouldn't you like to know which ones do? Prolonged ingestion of toxic foods and poisonous chemicals can cause chronic conditions like arthritis, headaches and fatigue. On those days when you are exhausted, something you ate a day or two ago or were exposed to could be poisoning your system. 

In one day, you can find out the foods and chemicals that have been poisoning your system for perhaps a lifetime.

Puffy eyes, skin irritations, asthma, rhinitis, eczema, middle ear disease, hay fever, yeast infections, and so many other health problems are simply poisonous reactions to allergic foods and harmful chemicals in your environment. Eliminating these harmful substances can make a big difference.



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