Biocranial Therapy Is One Of The Most Powerful Ways To Balance Out the Skull and the Skeletal System So You Can Experience Optimal Health.

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Biocranial Therapy Is Very Effective

Biocranial therapy is a breakthrough in helping the body heal itself.

One of the great teachers of our time, Robert Boyd, DO, believes all diseases have a common foundation…too much tightness in the muscles, connective tissue and bones of the skeleton. When these important parts of the body become restricted and compressed, many parts of the body suffer, even the organs. Most often, this contraction and compression is the result of trauma…birth, falls, auto accidents, sports injuries and physical assault.


Few are aware of the powerful relationship that exists between the skull, pelvis, atlas bone and spine.

The cerebrospinal pump that pushes the spinal fluid through out this closed system beats about 12 times a minute. This pumping action bathes all the cells with nutrients and removes the wastes created by the millions of chemical reactions in every cell that are an integral part of life.


The goal of the body is balance (homeostasis).

There needs to be a happy marriage between contraction and relaxation. Movement in the body, breathing, the flow of blood and lymph, the beating of the heart and virtually every physiological function requires opposite sets of muscles to work together.


A good example is the teamwork of the biceps and triceps in your arm.

To curl your arm, the biceps contract while the triceps relax. To straighten your arm, the opposite occurs. The triceps contract while the biceps relax.


Your ability to achieve optimal levels of contraction and relaxation often determines your level of health.

Fluid movement through the earths gravitational field all the way to the correct functioning of the brain and nervous system, depends upon your body parts to work together.


The new model for health is flexibility and balance.

If the bones in the skull, sinuses, neck, spine and pelvis are flexible, adaptable and work as a finely tuned structure, amazing changes in health, energy and feelings of well-being are possible.


The skull, the home of the brain, contains 80% of our nervous system.

The brain is the most powerful and critical organ in your body. When the skull expands to its maximum size, the circulation of blood and spinal fluid flows freely. The brain works better when it has access to more critical nutrients. When metabolic wastes are removed at an accelerated rate, the cells live longer and function optimally.


For too long, doctors of chiropractic and osteopathy have focused on skeletal imbalances with little regard to the skull.

Lesions and restrictions inside the skull, have a powerful impact on the rest of the body. Once doctors start working with the skull, spine and pelvis as a synchronized unit, the beneficial changes are often dramatic.


When the expansion and contraction of the skull works perfectly, the cerebrospinal pump works optimally.

It is similar to the breathing process. If there are restrictions in the skull, the pumping motion is limited. Circulation is retarded and the health of the nervous system becomes compromised.


Everyone desires health, vitality and high levels of well-being.

It is critical you find a doctor like Dr. Linda Martin, DO who understands the importance of the skull and is skilled at Biocranial therapy. Restoring the integrity of the skull and optimizing the expansion and contraction that controls the cerebrospinal pump is one of the most powerful therapies that promotes ultimate health.


Isn’t it about time you discovered the answer to your persistent health problems. Biocranial therapy could be your missing link to a new, healthier you.


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