Alternative Medicine and Natural Healing Methods Are Effective For Even The Most Difficult Diseases.

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 Alternative Health and Complimentary Medicine Directory Natural Healing Methods May Help People Have Victory Over Difficult Diseases

Dr. Linda Martin is a holistic health practitioner.

She specializes in researching alternative and holistic medicine, the effectiveness and safety of old and new therapies. She believes conventional allopathic medicine only treats the symptoms of disease and that natural medicine helps the body heal.


The primary cause of disease is unique for each person and involves many different factors.

It begins first of all in the soul and spirit. On the physical levels, it starts with genetic and miasmatic taints, a term that comes from homeopathic medicine. They are disease tendencies that are passed on from generation to generation.


Dr. Martin voiced her concern about the allopathic medical system.

“I am upset that the first part of the “Hippocratic Oath,” ‘Do no harm!’ has been abandoned by conventional doctors. Patients are increasingly becoming more disillusioned with harmful therapies that attack the symptoms of poor health and destroy vital organs. Too many people experience negative results after receiving drug therapies, surgery and radiation that have damaging side effects. Thankfully, natural healing therapies are now becoming a first choice, rather than a last resort. It is important to evaluate the symptoms of the body and discover how the body is trying to heal itself.”


It is important to resolve the underlying energetic, genetic, biochemical, physical, emotional and spiritual conflicts.

In a modern environment, we first have to deal with any physical trauma and then injuries caused by chemical toxicity and harmful environmental factors...the depletion of oxygen, personal, emotional, psychological and physical stress and radiation in the atmosphere.


Nutrition is critical to health.

Food is our best medicine! You are what you eat and absorb into your cells. One of the primary things we all do in life is eat. What you put in your body is of ultra-importance to how you feel, how long you live and our quality of life.


Cancer is one of the greatest challenges.

From her 20 years of research Dr. Martin believes cancer is one of the greatest plagues facing humanity. Cancer is now effecting about 40% of the world’s population and fast approaching 50%. Heart disease is a close second.


Cancer is caused by a combination of genetic mistakes and environmental poisons.

The real cause is deep in the roots of our genetic makeup, created during the embryonic state of development, locked in the software of the RNA and DNA of the cells. We don’t yet understand completely, the why and how of this terrible disease but we are getting close. Many scientists and doctors feel environmental factors, such as viruses and chemicals, aggravate these inherent weaknesses and produce many of the soft tissue cancers. 


Dr. Martinis a real advocate for energetic medicine.

She has studied history and has come to the conclusion that,  “For thousands of years, many enlightened doctors believed powerful currents of energy flowed through the tissues of the body. The Chinese called this energy “Chi.” Oriental doctors worked diligently to balance the opposing forces of “Yin and Yang” through acupuncture, herbs and diet.


Doctors throughout history understood the value of energetic medicine.

Doctors in Egypt, India and Europe used the magnetism of lodestones and the static electricity of amber in their medical practices to help their patients. Hypocrites said, ‘Disease is not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patient’s body, a battle between the substance of the disease and natural self-healing tendencies of the body.


Bioenergetic therapies have existed and been used by the most aware doctors for over 6000 years.

It is the missing link modern scientists have been searching for. A study of history points to the value of working with the energy fields of the body to enhance existing levels of health and increase available energy. The combination of increasing and balancing energy, good nutrition, internal cleansing, life-enhancing biochemistry, a positive mental attitude and a safe, beautiful environment can accomplish miracles.


The cells can heal themselves.

After a little research, Dr. Martin discovered the fathers of homeopathy, Paracelsus and Dr. Hahneman, MD, developed the idea that microscopic amounts of medicine could help the body heal itself. Paracelsus formulated the idea that the body could heal itself if given the correct therapies. He used magnetism, chemistry and herbal remedies. Dr. Hahneman perfected the art of homeopathy, proving minuscule amounts of natural substances diluted in alcohol or water could safely empower the healing mechanisms of the body.


Education and lifestyle changes is an important part of the healing process.

Our goal at Willis Healthcare Center is to educate individuals about new breakthroughs in alternative medicine and help them understand the tremendous advantages of natural therapies that promote health and enhance life.


Oxygen is the primary element for life.

There are unique ways of administering oxygen and stabilizing it in the body. To increase the energy in the cells, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) injections help because people are so depleted in modern times. Oral and intravenous administration of organic sulfur, for interferon support and immune enhancement is valuable! DHEA found in the Mexican Wild Yam and pregnelone balance the body’s hormonal chemistry and slow down the body’s degeneration rate and increase health.


Individuals are now more open to accepting the responsibility for their own lives and the consequences of unhealthy life styles.

This is an important first step in eliminating disease and restoring high levels of health. Natural therapies are the future of medicine! The abject failure of conventional therapies is finally being exposed in books and magazines and on TV and radio. Looking and feeling your best is important in the hectic, competitive world we live in.


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