The NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) can help your body overcome allergies to the food you are eating and the chemicals you are coming in contact with every day that may be the source of many of your health problems.

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Do you or loved ones suffer from excess weight, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, digestive problems, reparatory ailments, arthritis, yeast infections, skin problems, or other chronic condition? If so, you should be aware of a therapy that can change your life for the better. It is called the “Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique” (NAET).

Many patients suffer from recurring problems.

Nagging illnesses will not go away. They have tried numerous remedies with little or no success. They have visited an incredible amount of doctors. They feel frustrated and helpless. No one and nothing seems to help.

For some, the illness has taken over their lives.

Many patients suffer from severe nasal allergies. Others battle chronic mood swings and abdominal distention. A large number of patients complain of a lack of energy.

Allergies and harmful chemicals can be debilitating and devastating to your health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, they do not have to be a lifelong sentence of suffering. Foods, chemicals, pollen, grasses, pets and pharmaceutical drugs are just a few of the things that cause an allergic response. These substances can have a negative impact on our cells.

I am happy to report all these conditions can be resolved.

I know the value of allergy and chemical testing and elimination therapies because I experienced the most profound results. I suffered recurring symptoms so severe, I could hardly function. Even with my vast knowledge of modern and alternative medicine, the solution escaped me.

An accidental discovery made all the difference in the world.

A number of years ago, I learned about a remarkable therapy called the “Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique” (NAET). It has proven effective in relieving many of the allergic responses patients’ experience. It is very powerful in eliminating your allergic response to many different types of foods and chemicals.

I had never heard of NAET before so I found a practitioner to work on me.

I was so impressed with the claims for NAET, I searched for and found a practitioner who was skilled in NAET. I had her treat me. I wanted to verify its safety and effectiveness before I offered it to my patients. I figured if it worked on me, I could more confidently offer it to my patients.

I was amazed!

In short order, I experienced 100% relief of all my severe allergy symptoms. This therapy is not for everyone. If you or your loved ones suffer disorders such as water retention, digestive problems, respiratory symptoms, arthritis, migraines or any number of other chronic conditions, that nobody has been able to effectively treat, this therapy may help.

 NAET came into existence in 1983.

Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, D.C. L, Ac., RN, Ph.Q pioneered this therapy. Using her knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Nambudripad created this technique to eliminate her own serious food allergies.

With NAET, food allergies and chemical sensitivities can be painlessly eliminated.

You do not have to suffer the pain of daily neutralizing allergy and chemical injections. There are no possible adverse side effects from NAET.

NAET therapy is simple and easy to perform.

The NAET treatment consists of stimulating various pressure points along the entire spine while the patient holds a chemical or allergen. Then, specific acupressure points are stimulated with a small vibrator to stabilize the allergy treatment.

Your sensitivity to any chemicals and allergens can be eliminated through a modified NAET treatment.

After each treatment, you must relax for 20 minutes following the treatment. Then you are ready for another chemical or allergen to be neutralized. With my modified NAET procedure, you don't have to wait or avoid the allergens for 25 hours following the treatment. The benefits are immediate.

The majority of health care dollars today are spent on chronic conditions.

Most patients who suffer these ailments are treated with drugs to help relieve the symptoms, but the conditions persist. I, as well as a growing number of my colleagues, have found that many of these chronic problems can be caused by harmful reactions to food and chemicals. The solution is so simple, most people can't believe the answer to some of their most chronic problems could be this easy.

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