EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation May Be Harmful To Your Health So It Is Crucial You Discover The Truth.

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EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation May Be Harmful To Your Cells

Albert Einstein said in his famous formula, E=MC2, that energy and matter are equivalent.

In practical terms, this means that we (our bodies, minds and emotions) are both energy and matter. Healing occurs in both the physical and bioenergetic parts of our beings/bodies. We can optimize our health through exercise, foods and nutrients, cleansing, herbs, massage and bodywork, sleep, surgery and all of the many physical means for healing. We can also improve our health by keeping ourselves surrounded by balanced bioenergetic fields.


Research has proven the existence of invisible electro-vibratory fields that guide the activities of all cells. 

The term used to describe the energy of living things is "bio-energy". These bio-energy fields are now recognized as the controlling factors in the growth and repair systems of the body. These systems replace the injured, diseased and worn out cells, made so by aging, disease, environmental poisoning and accumulation of waste products.


Michael Gerber, M.D., in his book "Vibrational Medicine", clearly shows that human life processes are the result of a series of interacting multi-dimensional subtle-energy systems.

He says that if these systems become unbalanced, there may be resulting pathological symptoms that manifest on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. When the energy systems of human beings are weakened or out of balance, the body's energy fields oscillate at different or less harmonic frequencies. For the body to return to a high level of health and vitality, the energy field must be balanced and the source of interference counter-acted or eliminated.


Researchers in  bioenergetic medicine have realized that man-made sources of energy affect the controlling energy fields in each cell.

Electrical wiring, devices, and machines in our homes and offices have been discovered to be sources of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. These unnatural energy fields, especially those produced by alternating currents operating at 60 cycles per second, are suspected of causing depression, suicide, cancer, leukemia, psychosis, cataracts, and other physical and mental problems.


Manfred Kohnlechner, a German medical doctor, described in his book "Man Does not Die in August", the effects of installing of a modern communications system on the health of the inhabitants in a rural area in Bavaria.

Up to the time of the installation, the health of the residents was excellent, comparing favorably to the health and longevity of the famed Hunzas in Afghanistan. Within six months of the introduction of the electrical lines and microwave towers essential for telephone, TV and radio communication, these previously healthy people began to develop disease, dental cavities, cancer and heart disease . These conditions were present before the installation of this equipment.


Many health experts now realize that the loss of vitality precedes the loss of health.

We lose vitality because of various stresses that adversely affect the functioning of our energy systems. Man-made electromagnetic pollution interferes with these basic electrical function, blocks the flow of vitality, and finally produces disease symptoms.



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