Are Computers Kill Us Because Of The Electromagnetic Fields Produced By Monitors and Power Supplies?

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Computers have transformed every aspect of human existence and continue to revolutionize the world. Scientists, businessmen, politicians, and many others testify to their value. New dimensions of reality, comfort, and health exist because of the increases in the power and speed of computers. They are an integral part in the research, development, and production of cars, planes, medical equipment, office machines, and weapons of war. Life support systems in buildings, energy production, and food processing are now computerized. Computers impact almost every area of life. New computer-designed, manufactured, and monitored devices make miracles possible and obliterate the thresholds of reality.


New research on the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from computers and video display terminals (VDT) on human beings herald unexpected dangers. Do computers cause cancer, miscarriages, depression, and the collapse of the immune system. Why? What can we do to protect ourselves? It there anything that counteracts the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.


The answer to the question "Do computers and monitors cause severe health problems for the operators?" is important. In 1989, news broadcasts, radio programs, television specials, magazines, and newspapers covered the topic of EMF radiation and the affects on human beings. The "New Yorker," "People," "Infoworld," "Newsweek," and "Discover magazines carried articles exposing the frightening results of recent scientific studies. They addressed newfound fears about the harmful effects of EMF pollution created by powerlines, transformers, appliances, machines, and computers.


In "People Magazine" in the December 1989 issue, Paul Brodeur, author of the "Zapping of America" and "Currents of Death" discussed the alleged dangers posed by EMF radiation generated by high-current powerlines, electric blankets, and computer video display terminals (VDT'S). He said, "Anyone who lives or works in an electromagnetic field is at risk."


VDT's first came under suspicion in the late 1970's and early 80's. A dozen unexplained cluster of miscarriages and birth defects were found in groups of women who worked with computers. In one group of computer operators at Sears in Dallas, eight out of 12 pregnancies ended in miscarriage or neonatal death. In 1988 the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program did a study of 1,583 California women who worked 20 hours or more in a week with VDT's. They experienced an 80 percent greater chance of miscarrying than women who did similar work without VDT's.


In the July/August 86 issue of "American Health," Nancy Shutt talked about a study done in Colorado by Nancy Wertheimer that linked high current powerlines and transformers to cancer in children. She talked about a study by the Maryland Department of Health and Hygiene which found an unusually high percentage of electricians, electronics engineers and utility repairmen among 951 men who die of brain tumors.


To understand why EMF effects living creatures adversely, we need to understand the universe we live in and how we are like computers. Many scientists in the 20th century believed in an electrical universe. They observed the bodies of human beings operated electrically. Vast quantities of research showed the existence of invisible electro-vibratory fields that form and develop our physical bodies. These fields control the creation of new cells that replace the injured, worn out, and dead from diseases or environmental poisoning.


These electrical fields contain or have access to the complete information necessary to operate our physical bodies. Computers are also controlled by electromagnetic and electrical changes produced by instructions to the hardware from the software. If there is an interruption in the flow of electricity, there is a disruption in the constant stream of information required for effective operation. This causes the system to crash.


hen the hard and floppy disks come in contact with even low strength magnetic and EMF fields, the corruption of the information stored as magnetic patterns occurs. Garbage in equals garbage out in the realm of computers.


The human bio-computer is composed of the brain, nervous system, and minute electrical universes of each cell. Fluctuations in the energy fields of the cells causes the bio-computer to crash and produce unexpected results. It has been estimated that the human body contains some 200 quintillion cells, 200 X 10 to the 30th power or 200, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 cells, an awesome number. Each cell is an electrically operated universe and contains enough information to fill a 1000 volume encyclopedia. When we consider the invisible matrix of interrelating fields that precede cell formation, it is easy to see we are dealing with a mind-boggling information system.


Science states electrical energy slowing along a path creates a magnetic and electromagnetic fields that expand out to the ends of the universe. The RNA and DNA chains of molecules in each cell conduct the electrical energy of life, thus creating their own individual magnetic and electromagnetic fields. In the "Phenomena of Life," Dr. Crile stated electrical energy played an important part in the organization, growth, and function of protoplasm. He believed radiation produces the electric current that operates the adaptive mechanisms of organisms and produces memory, reason, imagination, emotion, the special senses, secretions, muscular action, the response to infection, normal growth, and the growth of benign tumors and cancers. He postulated that all life is governed by the electric charges generated in protoplasm. Dr. Crile held that all living cells operate electrically and function like a system of generators, inductance lines and insulators.


Dr. Gerber, M.D., in his book "Vibrational Medicine" clearly shows that human life processes are the result of a series of interacting multi-dimensional subtle-energy systems. If these systems become imbalanced, there may be resulting pathological symptoms which manifest on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. When the energy systems of human beings are weakened or out of balance, the body's energy fields oscillate at a different or less harmonic frequency. For the body to return to a high level of health and vitality, the energy field must be balanced and the source of interference counteracted or eliminated.


Electrical wiring, devices, and machines in your home and office create EMF radiation. These unnatural energy fields, especially those produced by alternating currents operating at 60 cycles per second, are suspected of causing depression, suicides, cancer, leukemia, psychosis, cataracts, and other physical and mental problems in unsuspecting individuals.


Manfred Kohnlechner, a German medical doctor, in his book "Man Does not Die in August" described the effects of the installation of a modern communications system on the health of the inhabitants of a rural area in Bavaria. Up to the time of the installation, the health of the residents was incredible, comparing favorably to the health and longevity of the Hunzas. Within six months of the introduction of the electrical lines and microwave towers essential for telephone, TV and radio communication, these previously healthy people began to die of cancer, heart attacks, and to have cavities in their teeth. These conditions were unheard of in the past.


Many health experts now realize that the loss of vitality precedes the loss of health. We loose vitality because of various stresses that adversely affect the functioning of biological systems that operate electrically in an electric wave universe. Man-made electromagnetic pollution interferes with basic electrical function, shuts down vitality, and finally produces disease symptoms.


Researchers believe the incoherency of the waves produced by man-made electricity is similar to the disorganized light rays produced by the sun's reflection off the waves in a swimming pool filled with frolicking children. The incoherent electromagnetic waves must be reorganized and harmonized so they do not disrupt the oscillatory equilibrium of the cells. Just as polarized sun glasses cancel out incoherent light waves coming from the swimming pool, allowing perfect vision, polarization of electromagnetic fields produces beneficial changes. If the millions of new cells born in our bodies each day come into being in the presence of polarized fields, they tend to grow in a healthier configuration, which will weaken the abnormal energy fields which cause dysfunction and disease.


The Life Field Polarizers () are complex antenna systems which absorb, realign, concentrate, and reradiate an infinitely broad spectrum of wavelengths. Each one is individually manufactured, assembled, and tested for optimum polarizing strength and efficiency.


The large Life Field Polarizer polarizes the incoherent EMF radiation in a building, vehicle, boat, or plane. The small Personal Polarizer protects your body whenever you are not in a safe, polarized environment. Both effectively combat the harmful affects of EMF radiation in all its forms by creating an beneficial electromagnetic field. This special conditioning field absorbs excessive cosmic and man-made radiation. Incoherent electromagnetic fields are transformed into organized, beneficial fields. They properly align life energy and produce a supportive electromagnetic environment.


They return coherency to the body's electrical fields. Polarizers insure all information essential for optimal bodily functioning is available. The normal frequencies are restored. Cellular oscillations balanced, reinforce, and vitalized. The LIFE FIELD (the biological, bioelectric blueprint of life) now produces a physical counterpart having no symptoms of malfunction.


The Polarizers are research instruments. No health or medical claims are made. Their major function is to counter the harmful effects of EMF radiation. They provide cells with the subtle energy they need to help to restore cellular equilibrium. Health benefits occur when the cells function correctly because of oscillatory balance.


To polarize the electrical system of the computer in your home and business, place the Life Field Polarizer on any electrical cord that is connected to an active outlet. Your electrical wiring system will become a powerful antenna. Harmonious vibrations will be broadcast throughout your entire property. The electrical fields of all devices connected to your electrical system will be in harmony with the life fields of humans, animals, and plants. Usually, one Life Field Polarizer is all that is required for the electrical system of an entire building.


As the development of sensitive energy monitoring devices accelerates, astounding new discoveries will allow scientists and doctors ever increasing opportunities to evaluate and treat the different types of energy fields found in the body. Quantum leaps in new technology will provide ever more powerful tools to document and manipulate the different types of energies that dramatically effect the communication and life support systems of living creatures. There is hope for computer operators.



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