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Click Here to read Ralph and Janet's updated story about how he is dealing with his dad's recent stroke on May 23, 2004.

to read our FREE HealthyDoctors Blog about the daily events facing our family in light of dad suffering a major stroke.

Short statements about health.

Allergies and electrodermal testing.

Why oxygen is crucial for good health.

Bioenergetic medicine may be the missing link.

Explanation of preventive medicine.

EMF radiation may be harmful to your health.

Alternative medicine and natural healing therapies.

How the adrenals have a major impact on your health.

BioCranial therapy balances the cranium skull and skeleton.

How Immunolabs blood testing helps you overcome allergies.

Why neurocranial restructuring NCR is very effective.

How NAET helps the body overcome allergies to foods and chemicals.

How bioelectrical energy is the foundation of all living creatures.

How homeopathy helps your cells heal at the deepest levels.

How doctor browns low dose anti-biotic therapy helps scleroderma lupus rheumatoid and arthritis.

TMJ, temperomandibular joint, TMD, temperomandibular, dysfunction can be helped by NCR and Biocranial.


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