Read the Saga Of The Zuranski Family As We Search For Cures For Strokes, Congestive Heart Failure, Pneumonia and  How to Escape The Devastation Caused By These and Other Quality of Life Destroying Diseases.

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Click Here May 30, "What is next now that Janet and I have to drive to San Diego to take care of my mom and dad?"


Click Here June 1, "The terrible realization that one of the greatest heroes in your life hovers between life and death ripped my heart to shreds. I had a very hard time imagining my dad paralyzed on the left side, strapped in a hospital bed, unable to swallow or move."


Click Here June 2, "The saga continues as Janet and Ralph arrive in San Diego after a long drive from Dallas Texas. We are facing a wide range of emotions including depression, fear and anxiety over the extreme upheaval in their lives due to dad's catastrophic stroke."


Click Here June 3, "Anger, frustration and irritation coursed through our veins as we realized that the current Medicare system, courtesy of senators Kennedy and Kassebaum, is so flawed that our beloved parents receive substandard medical care."


Click Here  June 4, "On Saturday, May 30, Janet and I drove to the  hospital to spend time with my father. We were fearful what we would find and what the future held for us. Now that we had committed to do whatever it would take to provide for mom and dad, we were ready, willing and able help."


Click Here  June 5, "We were very excited because my dad is showing slight improvements in small steady steps. We are doing every energy transfer technique we know to help his body and mind heal."


Click Here  June 7, "Why don't the conventional medicine doctors, nurses and hospitals attendants keep an open mind to therapies that are valuable and effective that are being used in other countries?"


Click Here  June 9, "Why don't most people realize that the body has natural biorhythm cycles that affect our health, emotions, intuition and intellectual performance?"


Click Here  June 11, "After all the massage and pressing on hand and foot reflex and ear acupuncture points, Dad is really doing better. He is getting out of the hospital bed, doing physical therapy every day and extremely anxious to come home."


Click Here  June 12, "Sometimes, it is hard to keep a positive attitude when things are not going according to my selfish desires!"


Click Here  June 13, "Why are our relationships so different with each person we come in contact with, especially those you are very attracted to and people you cannot stand to be around?"


Click Here  June 19, "Why do events often spiral out of control when our heart is breaking and we feel powerless."


Click Here  June 23, "How could anyone feel more overwhelmed than when catastrophic disease strikes down your parents and you have deal with two separated families?"


Click Here  July 1, "Thousands Have This Priceless Gift---But Never Discover It!"


Click Here  July 2, "How the Next Four Days Changed My Life Forever."


Click Here  July 3, "How Fear and Terror Knocked on My Door Every Foot Of The Way But I Would Not Let The In!"


Click Here  July 5, "Learn Simple and Inexpensive Techniques You Can Use To Achieve Higher Levels Of Health, Vitality, Disease Resistance and Mental Clarity."


Click Here  July 7, 2004,  "Life can be quite challenging when you're trying to figure out what to do to improve your health."


Click Here July 8, 2004, "Breathing Is One Of the Most Powerful and Valuable Things You Can Do To Increase Your Energy, Enhance Your Immune System and Improve Your Health."


Click Here July 9, 2004, "Spiritual beliefs have a huge impact on our levels of physical, emotional, psychological and financial health."


Click Here July 10, 2004, "In times of physical, emotional and psychological stress, prayer is invaluable in helping you keep a positive matter what."


Click Here July 12, 2004, "Valuable Health Principles Based On The �Wisdom Found In God�s Word!� The following is an outline of the health program we will be focusing on for the rest of July."


Click Here July 14, 2004, "Valuable Health Principles Based On The �Wisdom Found In God�s Word and the Research Of Open-Minded Scientists and Health Researchers! This covers the importance of water and oxygen.�


Click Here July 15, 2004, Understanding Hormonal Balance Is Critical To Everyone's Health At Any Age! Part One Interview of Dr. Michael Borkin, NMD:  by Janet Zuranski.


Click Here July 24, 2004 "Interview of Doctor Jonathan Wright, MD, a Pioneer In Alternative Medicine and Health Freedom Fighter by Ralph Zuranski."


Click Here August 1, 2004, "Wow! I Changed My First Adult Diaper, Didn't Hurt the Patient, Spread Organic Material On the Bed And No One Cried."


Click Here August 4, 2004, "If Life Were Any More Challenging I Don't Know What I Would Do!"


Click Here August 7, 2004," Life Has Ups and Downs and All-Arounds And You Realize That Sometimes 'It Is Darkest Before The Dawn!'"


Click Here August 13, 2004, "Thank God Angels In The Form Of People Appear When You Need Them The Most!"


Click Here August 15, 2004, "Sometimes Miracles Appear Just When You Need Them The Most In The Most Unlikely of Forms...Another Human Being!"


Click Here August 16, 2004, "Just When We Thought Everything Was Going Great, The Electronic Monster Destroys The Peace and Wakes Everyone Up In The Middle Of The Night."


Click Here August 17, 2004, "There Is No Greater Feeling Of Joy When You See The Love and Gratitude Shining in Their Eyes, Streaming From Their Hearts."


Click Here September 8, 2004 "The Nurses, Physical Therapists and Doctors Told Us In No Uncertain Terms...."You will not be able to take care of your father at home!" But,..."


Click Here September 9, 2004, ""When the Pressures Of Taking Care Of Health-Compromised Parents It Is Easy Take Out Your Frustration On You Spouse!"

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