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Your Personal Beliefs Are Important During Times of Crisis, Whether You Are Married Or Single, Happy or Sad, Rich or Poor, Depressed or Optimistic!

Spiritual Beliefs Are An Important Factor In the Healing Process

Physical disease often is a symptom of an unhealthy spirit out of sync with God's love, mercy, forgiveness and grace.

Healing can signify a positive transformation of a person's relationship with their creator. Doctors still cannot explain the beneficial impact of prayer and faith in the healing process.


Health challenges can do more to improve or destroy your relationship with God!

Battles with cancer, impotence and fibrocystic lung disease are waged at all levels, emotional,  physical and spiritual. Everyone dealing with their own symptoms or those of loved ones  experience an emotional roller coaster filled with depression, fear and despair.


For many, a relationship with Jesus Christ is one answer to the problems we all face. 

Seeking a healthy relationship with Jesus was one of the major factors that gave me the faith, trust and optimism  necessary to survive 24 years of poor health and physical and emotional weakness. The spirit is definitely stronger than the flesh.

My battle for health, peace and prosperity on a daily basis is a real challenge.

Fighting for even the smallest achievements is tough. I have no doubt my body would have passed away long ago if not for my  relationship with Jesus.

The horror of senseless violence such as the Columbine High School shootings, racism, partial birth abortions and euthanasia are the symptoms of people who have lost their way.

Seeking after money, power and material possessions at any cost is a sickness that threatens to kill this country's soul and the integrity of young people. Fighting, lying and cheating has become the norm. Everyone must succumb to the lowest common denominator of morality.


God's absolutes no longer exist in the minds of many people who believe there is no right or wrong.

This nation used to be great because the people were moral. No amount of laws or police forces will ever be able to constrain a society of lawless and immoral individuals.

Young people are not fooled by epidemic hypocrisy they witness in business, government and religious institutions.


Many leaders actions prove they believe the worst offense is getting caught while lying, stealing and cheating.

Long ago, I learned the love of money, power, sex and self does not lead to happiness. Unfortunately, when one is totally focused on their own wants and desires, misery is their constant companion. Ask those who enjoy the best society has to offer why they resort to drugs, alcohol, adultery, sex before marriage and other self-destructive behavior.

Most things are not now or ever have been black and white.

We live in a world of gray. Right and wrong is no longer clear. Expediency seems to be the buzz word of the day. Many of the world leaders,  politicians, lawyers and government officials from the bottom up are not working to make the world a better place with their actions and decisions. They seek to enslave others for their own personal and financial benefit.


As a nation, the US could feed and clothe the world, but those who love money create scarcity and exploit others to gain greater wealth and power.

Many business and spiritual leaders have become so materialistic there is very little space for charity and compassion. As long as the stock market is strong and the economy is robust, almost anything goes. Character is not important for many if people are making money and enjoying the pleasures of wealth.


The political process seems to have descended into a "me-first" scenario where everyone is interested in keeping their jobs and protecting their power at any cost.

The numerous wars and civil insurrections in the world today are the result of peoples desire to make money, gain power and secure territory. They are only interested in "What Is In It For Me!"


The people making the big money are those manufacturing and selling the weapons of war.

The politicians and multi-national corporations conducting wars and civil insurrections for their own personal reasons, change their policies as the situation dictates. Religious differences always seem to be the catalyst that fuels peoples desire for bloodshed.

Things really haven't changed much for thousands of years.

The plagues of cancer and sexually transmitted disease are symptoms of a world-wide sickness of soul. There must be a change of heart, a healing of the spirit.


The death, brutality and mayhem perpetuated by hate and religious intolerance can only be stopped through love and acceptance.

It is the same old problem that started in the proverbial "Garden of Eden" when Adam and Eve chose to be like God, desiring to know the difference between good and evil. They wanted to be like God, experiencing both good and evil to its fullest extent.

Eating the symbolic fruit was just an excuse for a created being wanting to usurp the Creator.

The bible says that, "All evil comes out of the heart of man and that it is deceitfully wicked and who can know it." Adam and Eve selfishly desired to have their our own way at the expense of others.

This desire to be gods unto ourselves has always been a problem for the human race, choosing hate rather than love.

It first manifested in the murder of Able by Cain. Cain was upset because God was not willing to accept Cain's sacrifice on Cain's own terms rather than the parameters set out by God. Able followed the parameters and was blessed. 


Cain was angry with God and Able, a surrogate for God.

He could only kill God in his heart so he decided to murder his brother to vent his anger against the Creator. Man's envy and hatred of God seems only to get worse over the ages.


People do not want to be accountable to anyone, especially not a supreme being who may be able to punish them for all eternity for not following His laws.

Most people want to do whatever they want without any restrictions or condemnation. Since we are all made in the image and likeness of God, murdering, torturing and raping other humans is a way of getting back at God. It is a affirmation our personal rebellion against His laws and eternal control. 


Many know that if they twist what God says to validate and promote their murderous and hateful actions, they can lead many other human sheep astray.

Most  people are are looking for leaders who will give them the freedom to validate and follow their own evil desires. The want an absence of guilt so they can enjoy perverse activities to the fullest.


Sad to say, ignorance is not bliss.

Too many people fail to understand the importance of studying the Bible to discover God's message. The greatest opportunity to change our lives and transform the world is through Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection. 


The  primary message of Jesus was love.

"Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. Bless those that curse you. Pray for those who despitefully use and persecute you. The only way to overcome is evil is with good."  Jesus was always talking about loving your neighbor and laying your life down for a friend. He even tells us to feed our enemy if he is hungry and give him drink if he is thirsty. 


The hardest thing in the world to do what God commands.

Turn your cheek, love your neighbor as yourself, consider others more valuable than yourself, give to the poor, help the sick and visit the imprisoned. We need to become living examples of God's mercy and compassion regardless of denomination. More people like Mother Theresa and Gandhi are desperately needed in the world today. 

I am very thankful for the free gift of salvation not based on my works but on the personal sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

It is not earned or deserved. It is a free gift that can never be lost. Any good I do is not because I am trying to gain anything but out of gratitude for what Jesus did for me. 

What a sobering thought it is when you realize your are a sinner who deserves nothing but eternal damnation.

I am one of the most grateful people you will ever meet, especially in light of victories over life threatening diseases and painful problems.


My healing was directly related to the Holy Spirit entering into my heart.

Once the teachings of Christ actually began to make sense, my life and health were gradually transformed. Until then, the bible was meaningless, a book that was far more infuriating than it is enlightening. 


Fortunately there is hope for the future.

No matter the size of the social problems and natural catastrophes facing civilization, heroes and heroines are every where.


The saviors of humanity are young people, parents, grandparents and neighbors who demonstrate true unconditional love.

They invest their time, energy and resources to help others and are constantly working to make the world a better place, without expecting payment or even recognition. These individuals are the role models the world needs now.

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