Compendium of Letters of Recommendation For The Teaching and Training Skills Of Ralph Zuranski While Working With The Myopulse, Acuscope, Synchrodyne 520, Myoscope and Electro-Acusopes.

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I have personally known and worked with Mr. Zuranski for over 5 years.

During this time, we have worked together in my sports medicine clinic utilizing bio-electrical instruments for treatment of general medical and common and difficult to treat sport injuries, strains, sprains, car accidents, recreational injuries, etc. We have been extremely pleased with the assistance and knowledge of Mr. Zuranski has been able to share with us which has contributed to greatly improving our care for patients.


Mr. Zuranski has a unique God-given gift for understanding complex biophysical and bioelectrical processes that we are just beginning to understand and apply clinically.

Without Ralph's patience, ability to teach, and willingness to help, we would still be "in the dark" with our old outdated techniques and knowledge.


Ralph is a dedicated scientific researcher and teacher.

He is trustworthy, compassionate, honest and willing to help people. His commitment to health care has been long-standing and his contribution to health care has been substantial, considering the numerous practitioners (i.e. M.D.s, dentists, chiropractors, etc.) he has trained and educated.

Robert E. Martin, M.D., Medical Director, Preventive Health Assoc., Wasilla, Alaska.


Ralph Zuranski is one of the most educated professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

His knowledge and expertise in the field of bioelectrical medicine are second to none. He recently came to my office to train my staff in the use of high-tech bioenergetic therapy devices. This new form of medicine is difficult to understand but incredibly effective in a wide range of patient applications.


Mr. Zuranski is an excellent teacher.

His skill in making difficult concepts simple was useful in helping my nurses grasp the concepts that the body works electrically and has electromagnetic fields that are effected by other electrical and electro-magnetic fields. Both my nurses and I were a little skeptical at first, but after months of clinical experience we are amazed. Technology that balances energy imbalances and cancels the disruptions in the bioelectrical and electromagnetic fields of patients is truly the missing link we in the medical profession have been looking for.


I highly recommend Ralph Zuranski to anyone interested in improving their health and performance in all areas of life.

He is a pioneer in the fields of energetic medicine and electromagnetic radiation research. These areas are critically important and have a crucial impact on every area of life. He is a teacher of extraordinary ability.

Robert Snider, M.D., Medical Director, The Wellness Institute, Massena, New York


Very recently, I had the opportunity to purchase some very sophisticated, computerized electronic equipment.

In order to operate the equipment properly to the best advantage of the patient, specialized training was needed. I was most fortunate in obtaining the training expertise of Mr. Ralph Zuranski. Mr. Zuranski is a consultant from San Diego, CA who is probably the most informed individual in the country on the subject of bio-electrical stimulation.


Mr. Zuranski and I spent three very full days together and during this time he explained the capabilities of the equipment in great detail.

As a teacher, he was superb. Mr. Zuranski has the unique gift of being able to make very complex concepts easy to grasp and understand.

William Scott, M.D., Medical Director, Center for Pain Management, Fresno, CA.


I have recently become acquainted with Ralph Zuranski.

He has been training my staff in the use of medical equipment in my office. Ralph is an extremely knowledgeable and capable person. He has an extensive knowledge of electronics and computers. He also has the unique ability to communicate technical information in an understandable language to "non-technical" people. As an individual, Ralph is an honest, sincere, and concerned person, a rare quality these days.

William Halcomb, D.O., Preventive & General Medicine, Mesa, Arizona.


Ralph Zuranski conducted training sessions in my office on two occasions.

These training sessions consisted of the teaching of the correct use of two different instruments based upon technologies that were new to me.


I have not been the ideal student with respect to patience when presented new material. It was quite surprising to me that Ralph was so patient when teaching and his thoroughness in presentation. In addition, his enthusiasm for his work was more that amply demonstrated. He began training at 9 AM and was quite happy to continue until 9 or 10 at night. Such dedication in my experience is quite rare.


In addition to all of the above Ralph demonstrated a straight forward and honest approach that is quite refreshing in this day and age.

I feel confident that whatever endeavor Ralph Zuranski chose to give his attention he would give his all and so enthusiastically.


I unreservedly give to him the highest recommendation.

If you have any questions related to the above please do not hesitate to contact me.

William F. McCoy, M.D., Greenwich, Connecticut.


On the behalf of the Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine, Inc., we wish to thank you for your presentation at our March Conference.

Your thoughts and insights are of great benefit to these practitioners of preventive medicine in their clinical applications. We hope you gained some insight of their problems in the exchange of information and thoughts. Thank you again for your presence. It is greatly appreciated.

Warren C. Delano, Executive Secretary, Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio.


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