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Senator Ward Co-Founder of Alaska Medical Freedom Law

Personal Information

  • Birth: July 19, 1948. Anchorage, Alaska

  • Wife: Margaret

  • Children:  Kathleen Bloodgood, Kirsten Deacon & Jeri Ann Strand

  • Occupation: Real Estate Businessman



  • West High School, Gradated 1966 GED

  • Technical/Vocational: Heavy Equipment  School, Navy Sea Bees



  • VFW and American Legion


Military Service

  • Vietnam: U.S. Navy Sea Bees

  • Recipient of Vietnam Service Medal


Election History

  • Senate (1996 - present)

  • House (1982 - 1984)


Current Senate Committees

  • Chair: Senate Transportation, 

  • Senate Finance Subcommittee on Corrections

  • Chair: Senate State Affairs

  • Member: Senate Finance Subcommittee on Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Community &Regional Affairs

  • Co-Chair Privatization Committee Family


Will Continue To Work For Change

Our individual right to keep and bear arms. The Permanent Fund is in jeopardy and tax increases on the horizon. That nonsense has got to stop. I have the courage and dedication to do the job right and keep the liberal's hands out of our pockets. I oppose a state income tax or capping the Permanent Fund Dividend. Education is a priority that needs to encourage measurable academic standards while advocating more parental control and involvement. The idea of vouchers needs to be explored. Our road system must be improved through better and cost efficient maintenance. The planning system for road improvements must be streamlined. Encourage oil development and other renewable and nonrenewable resources and tourism. Promote small businesses. Support term limits.

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