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Rolfing works with connective tissue, which forms a web-like structure throughout the body. From superficial to very deep layers at the core of the body. Connective tissue, or Fascia, envelops every structure in the body, all the muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and internal organs. Because of injury, stress, illness, repetitive use or simply the aging process, this tissue will shorten, thicken, become more rigid and twist according to the pattern of strain to which the body is subjected.

Rolfing works to release the restrictions, strains and adhesions that create pain, inflexibility and general discomfort and fatigue. Then, the body is a freer and more balanced and there is a sense of inner strength because the body is working as a whole rather than disjointed segments.

After Rolfing, there is a sense of aliveness and usually energy levels are increased. Daily chores simply take a lot less effort. Body parts are working together rather than against each other. (think of a car performance after alignment and tune-ups)

Spirits have been known to soar after Rolfing. there is pure joy and delight as we move toward greater integrity of body, mind and spirits as we merge with ourselves, that blending is a true homecoming.

Rolfing has been beneficial in helping to resolve the following symptoms:


Home|Richard Merbler | Rolfing | Plantar Fascitis | Repetitive Stress | Sciatica

Scoliosis | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome | Hall Of Fame|Health Articles|Useful Links

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