Ralph Zuranski, a Former Special Feature's Writer For the Coronado Eagle Newspaper, Created The "In Search Of Heroes" Program for High School Students While Working With the HS Faculty, Rotary Club, Chamber Of Commerce and the TV Stations.



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This Is The Article That Kicked Off The "In Search Of Heroes Program"  In The Coronado Eagle Newspaper In Coronado, California.

by Ralph Zuranski

What is a Hero or Heroine?

How does one arrive at this exalted position? According to "Big Brain," my talking "Franklin Language Master," the attributes are the same for both sexes. Heroes are individuals admired for their achievements and qualities. They especially demonstrate the courage to conquer fear or despair. Where are the Heroes of today, when the world needs them so desperately?


Are we the audience and the major news media equally responsible for the lack of publicity for Heroes?

Have you ever wondered, "Why is there such a focus on traumatic, violent and frightening events?" Does a steady diet of this material perpetuate fear and despair?


Do we experience a vicarious thrill from the misfortune of others?

Are our senses dulled, ethics corrupted and morals so jaded we require greater quantities of violence and shocking events to stimulate our interest? I still remember when one murder caused social outrage and community activism!


Too many people today are apprehensive, frightened by things beyond the edges of perception.

They are afraid of many things. Riots, wars, terrorist acts and natural catastrophes are increasing in frequency and intensity.


Physical and emotional abuse, chronic diseases, financial failure affect every family to different degrees.

The consequences of unremitting fear just don't go away by themselves. The quality of life decreases dramatically when all hope is lost. Something positive must be done. A solution is to locate and publicize real-life Heroes in these fearful and perilous times.


The tremendous need for inspiration and positive role models increases exponentially with each horrific act and devastating event.

Experts believe a factor of ten times as much positive stimulus is required to overcome one negative event.


How many people are desirous of reading and seeing uplifting articles about people triumphing over human trials, tribulations and misery?

Are there any real-life Heroes laboring to help solve the immense social and environmental problems facing humanity?



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HEROES Program Acronym

I believe the answer is an emphatic yes! Heroes are everywhere!

They are ordinary people determined to serve and help others; to make the world a better place. Daily, across the face of the earth, people willingly assist family members, friends, and strangers. They compassionately minister to the injured, poor and sick. They Help Enthusiastically, Responsibly, Optimistically, Exceptionally and Socially (HEROES), with no fanfare, demand for recognition or public acclaim. These humble people of every race demonstrate the loftiest qualities of humanity.


Click Here to see the Mind-map for the Acronym HEROES in a fully detailed, gloriously colorful Adobe PDF format.



Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, "It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself."

True unconditional love is helping and serving others without expectation of return. This is heroism at its most intimate and beneficial level. Mahatma Gandhi said, "Where there is love there is life..."


All societies need Heroes to rise up and be recognized.

The light of their actions should be publicized by local television and print media. These extraordinary, ordinary people are an inspiration to others. They are a catalyst for beneficial change in their communities.


The time has come that people must concentrate on the good in each person, rather than the evil that plagues our world.

Children and teenagers desperately need to learn about those who reach out and beneficially touch the lives of others and those less fortunate.


Victor Hugo once shared, "There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come."

A group of individuals concerned about the minimal amount of media coverage for real-life Heroes are creating a "In Search Of Heroes Program" for teenagers. Ralph Zuranski, former Special Features writer for the "Coronado Eagle Newspaper," is looking for promising young writers and journalism mentors for them to go out into their communities in search of local Heroes.


Just as "Superman" was accompanied by "Jimmy Olsen," these cub reporters will help locate the Heroes, conduct the interview and contribute their thoughts and impressions.

The finished product will then be submitted to newspapers, magazines, television stations and published on the In-Search-Of-Heroes website that is in the final developmental stages.



Hopefully the news media will publish and broadcast these stories. The goals of the program will be to:

  1. Identify and praise local Heroes.

  2. Educate people about Heroes and heroic action.

  3. Inspire young people to want to become Heroes.

  4. Help young writers and photographers develop and perfect their writing skills.

  5. Receive published credit for their writing, art and photo contributions.

Extensive research has proven individuals often meet or exceed their own and other's expectations.

When children envision themselves as Heroes, heroic action is not far behind. Public recognition and concrete rewards for excellence are a wonderful incentive for young people. Every person can benefit by creating a Hero or Heroine within, to help them deal with the difficulties of life.


Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

The creators of the "In Search Of Heroes Program" have the desire to inspire young children to dream, to imagine themselves Heroes. These people are working hard to create vehicles for the dreams of teenagers to become reality. As in the book "Dune," the dreamers must awaken. People need to believe they can make their dreams for global peace, joy, prosperity and love a universal experience. The heroic example of others is a prerequisite.


"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know; the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." Dr. Albert Schweitzer.


If you want more information about the "In Search Of Heroes Program," contact Ralph Zuranski: 214-878-6885.

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." Demosthenes


Ron & Andrew Tretiak

Audio Testimonial

"Hello! My name is Ron Tretiak. It's August, August the 18th, 2003. I am sitting here with my good friend Ralph Zuranski of at least two decades or longer and my son also, Andrew, who is 14 going on 15. And, today, specifically I want to comment on the program known as  "In Search Of Heroes." And, I know Ralph Zuranski, the founder and director of this "In Search Of Heroes" program truly is a hero.

He is exemplary in his thoughts, his words, his actions and doing good for mankind. He is to be commended for his efforts. And I am somewhat following in Ralph's footsteps as a parent, as an adult as a person of accountability and responsibility, to pass along this information to the youth of America; primarily high school students, so they too can become accountable and responsible for their conduct through out life; all for the benefit of humanity and for one another to make this country and the world a better place to live.

And, we are people who trust in God, believe in God and live our lives in a godly way, for the good and love of God and love of his people. And in doing so, we  promote goodwill and better relationships within families, within communities, within our country and throughout the world.

So, with all this being said, I would encourage all to take a very close look at Ralph Zuranski and his program "In Search Of Heroes," because we need heroes out there to set the example for our youth, because they are the ones who are teachable, they are the ones who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

And if we fulfill our responsibility and teach the youth, edify and encourage, build them up so they can be responsible citizens to benefit all mankind, we've done our job. And if we fail to do so, we can't blame the children. We only have ourselves to blame.

So, lets move forward and support "In Search Of Heroes" in any way we possibly can and look forward to a better tomorrow; remaining hopeful and optimistic that all is good with our youth, with our communities in godliness we ask these things and we live our lives this way. And thank you Ralph Zuranski for your time and effort. You are a good man. God bless you!"



�Rise Up Heroes and Heroines! The World Needs You Now!" Is The Motto For The 2004 Program

This is the motto of the �In Search Of Heroes Program.� Students are ideal candidates to search for the answers to the following questions:

  1. �Who are the real heroes?�

  2. �What is true heroism?

  3.  �Why are heroes necessary?

  4.  �Where are heroes located?�

  5. �When are heroes most needed?�

  6. �How do individuals become heroes?�

Every Community Locally, Nationally And Internationally Would Benefit From The Answers To These Questions.

One of the primary goals of the program is for students to realize their parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, family members, coaches, spiritual and community service leaders are the real HEROES. These individuals are the unsung HEROES of our world. They Help Enthusiastically, Responsibly, Optimistically Exceptionally Socially and/or Spiritually. Young people can benefit tremendously when they realize professional athletes, musicians and movie stars may not be the best role models.


Students Have Open Minds, Genius Potential and Free Time.

They have the ability to evaluate ideas and information about different people and other cultures without being opinionated and judgmental. The �In Search Of Heroes Program� provides students with the opportunity to learn the importance and value of:

  1. Developing leadership skills and personal integrity

  2. Using their full mental and physical potential

  3. Helping and respecting others

  4. Individual responsibility and hard work

  5. Recognizing outstanding individuals in society who help others

  6. Focusing on the positive things people do rather than the negative

  7. Advancing international understanding and goodwill


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HEROES Program Benefits

Click Here to see the Mind-map for the Benefits of the HEROES Program in a fully detailed, gloriously colorful Adobe PDF format.



The �In Search Of Heroes Program� Promotes Good News By Focusing On Positive and Uplifting Actions and Activities.

Good news, a positive attitude and heroic role models uplift members of every community. Leaders and those willing to put �service above self� should be identified and organized into an effective community support system. The �In Search Of Heroes Program� provides the perfect opportunity to:

  1. Identify leaders

  2. Publicize HEROES willing to make a positive difference in the lives of others

  3. Train young people to be leaders

Local Experts Are An Important Part Of The �In Search Of Heroes Program.�

Local experts in a wide range of fields will teach students the secrets of success, how to become local leaders and simple ways to stay healthy. Students will:

  1. Recognize their own heroic potential within their own minds by discovering and utilizing the full abilities of the different parts of the brain, especially the right and left brain hemispheres.

  2. Become the ultimate brain-balanced problem solvers through the use of mind-mapping techniques and the Mozart Effect (brain integrating music).

  3. Develop the attitude of service above self and encourage other students to follow in their footsteps by building goodwill, better friendships and high ethical standards.

  4. Improve the quality of life for all people through the understanding of basic health issues relating to the teeth and digestion.

  5. Use the Internet to communicate with a local, national and global network of community volunteers.

  6. Develop community service projects that address today�s most critical issues.

  7. Promote understanding and peace through local, national and international humanitarian, educational and cultural programs.


Vicki Beaubien 

Audio Testimonial

"It is an incredible program. It is unique and creative and so desperately need in our world today."



The �In Search Of Heroes Program� Generates Income To Fund The Program, Activities, Equipment, Software, Training and Travel Through Viral Marketing and Existing Affiliate Programs Of Major Companies.

  1. Viral marketing is the opportunity for anyone to market the products of different companies through E-mail and websites, in exchange for a small commission. This technique is an effective tool that generates millions of dollars of income for thousands of individuals and companies.

  2. Every community easily and quickly generates funding for their local �In Search Of Heroes Program� through online affiliate programs. When a visitor comes into any �In Search Of Heroes� website, the site generates income on every sale of software, computer hardware, peripherals, E-Books, music CDs or cassettes, videos, business and personal products, services, etc, through embedded affiliate links.

  3. Every person saves time, gas and frustration by purchasing products through affiliate links on their local ISOH website.

  4. The affiliate programs of Sony, Dell, Office Depot and Wal-Mart, to name a few of the largest companies, would provide valuable funding when communities purchase products through links on their local �In search Of Heroes Program� website.

  5. There are thousands of other companies that offer similar affiliate programs. Each community can customize the links on their site that appeal to local residents.

  6. Students generate income for themselves and their local ISOH Program by creating and marketing their own E-books through their local ISOH website. When students create educational products that incorporate mind-mapping and super-learning techniques other students will leap at the opportunity to learn what they need to know in the fastest, most enjoyable way possible. The potential market is huge. E-books can be sold internationally to other students.

  7. As students learn how to create and market products online, they become valuable resources for local businesses who must have an internet presence to compete effectively now and in the future. Business people would rejoice at the opportunity to hire students to create effective websites that market their products and services to the world.

  8. When local communities increase their online businesses, the world becomes their marketplace. Families can create their own online business that generates valuable additional income.

  9. Inner city communities where shoppers fear to tread can be revitalized from within through home-based businesses that generate much needed income.

  10. As students learn how to take advantage of internet marketing opportunities, their potential for generating personal income effectively competes with the income from selling drugs, prostitution and theft. The risk of violence, death and incarceration are eliminated when they take advantage of the wealth generating opportunities available through the Internet.

Local Service Clubs and Chamber Of Commerce Members, Teachers, Business People, Religious Leaders, Etc. Work Together To Administer Their Local �In Search Of Heroes Program.�

These individuals will:

  1. Raise the initial and additional funds required to purchase the �In Search Of Heroes Program,� video and digital cameras, computers powerful enough to create movies, video editing software, website software, hosting expenses, travel expenses of students and mentors to go on interviews, etc.

  2. Coordinate the high school and/or college journalism and multi-media classes with the local media and businesses.

  3. Judge the best �In Search Of Heroes� newspaper articles, magazines, videos and websites for computer, software and cash prizes from corporate sponsors at the city, national and international levels.

  4. Maintain a local �In Search Of Heroes� Hall of Fame that publicizes the results of each year�s program for the purposes of inspiration and education of students and the general public.

The Entire Program Will Be Coordinated Internationally By A Non-Profit �In Search Of Heroes� Corporation.

This corporation will:

  1. Pursue funding from local, national and international corporations and charitable foundations that support positive social programs.

  2. Create all the course lessons in �Adobe PDF� formats, using the latest brain integrated learning techniques. Some of the tools required are: templates for the heroes cards for the students, heroes, and those who help out with the program, letters requesting interviews with potential heroes, website pages, potential questions, sample newspaper articles, etc.

  3. Promote locally, nationally and internationally individuals, service clubs, groups and businesses participating in the ISOH Programs.

  4. Provide hosting for the websites of all the students involved.

  5. Develop the master affiliate link program that best serves each community.

  6. Create a �How-To Manual� and FAQ pages that are easily downloadable from the �In Search Of Heroes� website.

  7. Construct and deliver a monthly newsletter promoting the program and those organizations and individuals deserving of recognition.

  8. Create an autoresponder system that immediately answers questions, provides support materials and channels email to the correct parties for timely response.

  9. Host monthly online conferences where the most important questions of the participants are answered by experts in each arena. Online questionnaires sent through E-mail will identify the topics for each conference.

The �In Search Of Heroes Program� Will Benefit Every Community.

The questions, �What is heroism?� and �Who are the real heroes?� are timeless. The identification of true heroism and those deserving of recognition are critical for the survival of humanity. When heroes �rise up and inspire others,� all members of society have the models they need to become better people and problem solvers.


The �In Search Of Heroes Program� Is A Potential Rotary International Project.

Ronald L. Beaubien was an integral part of the original Coronado �In Search Of Heroes Program.� He provided inspiration, enthusiasm and encouraged dedication to a project that helped students and the community. He is a member of the �Rotary International Board Of Directors� for a two year term, from 2003-2005. Ron joined the Rotary Club of Coronado in 1976 with a classification of Insurance, General. He served his club as Secretary, Director and eventually President in 1984-85. He is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and has served on a number of District 5340 Committees and as District Governor in 1994-95.



Ron Beaubien

Audio Testimonial

"Hi! I am Ron Beaubien, Rotary International Director 2003-2005. I want to make a statement regarding the " In Search Of Heroes" Program. We feel, Vicki and I, my wife, this program provides and excellent opportunity for the high school journalism and multi-media students to learn about true heroism. And, the goal of the program was for the students within the communities to realize that the real heroes are the teachers and the coaches and the parents and the family members and spiritual leaders and neighbors who take the time to make a positive difference in the lives of others; one person at a time."


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