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Thank you for your valuable contribution to alternative medicine. 

Your investment of time, money and emotional capital resulted in the opportunity for many to benefit from the most effective, non-invasive healing therapies. Your valiant efforts to fight for the freedom to choose conventional and alternative therapies is much appreciated.


Your battle has been long and hard.

Both you and your family members have suffered. Patients are grateful for your personal sacrifice and continuous efforts. Your dedication to freedom of choice and the practice of medical excellence is exemplary. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude.



Michael Borkin, NMD | Donald Carrow, MD | Garry Gordon, MD | Linda Martin, DO | Robert Martin, MD | Ralph Miranda, MD | Robert Rowen, MD | Michael Schachter, MD | Murray Susser, MD | John Parks Trowbridge, MD | J. Robert Winslow, DO | Jonathan Wright, MD


Entertainment Industry

Boyd Bennett | Jamie Reno


Health Research

Ms. Senior America 2002 | Jacob Swilling, PhD


Medical Freedom

Secretary Walter J. Hickel | Senator Jerry Ward



Dr. Morton Walker


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