Garry Gordon, MD Is A Pioneer In Anti-aging, Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Who Helped Develop and Introduce Beneficial Therapies For Lead and Mercury Poisoning, Heart Attack, Strokes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hormonal Imbalances and Life-Threatening Diseases Using Chelation, Homeopathy and Nutrition.


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Garry Gordon, MD's Travels The World In Search Of Cures For Diseases

None the less, it was clear that the State of California felt that an MD offering non standard therapy on a large scale to their patients was a major threat to status quo and they visited the clinic before we closed and made it clear that they were looking for any possible excuse to close the practice down anyway. Thus, suddenly one day, from working seven days a week. Twelve fourteen hours every day - I was unemployed. But again, as things work out, the last day the appointment schedule had included a visit with a young gentleman (the head of an international corporation) who was faced with going blind with a rare condition of pigmentary glaucoma. As it happened, he had been there that day, but under the judge's order of eviction, the building was impounded and he could not get in. He subsequently chased me down, having known me some years before because he and his family had tried to help bring the Institute Formula into broad use in the U.S. utilizing their money, knowledge and attorneys, they felt that the Lester Morrison product (Cardio Guard) was truly a gift to mankind to prevent heart attacks and they had tried with their efforts to help make this unique therapy available to Americans without having to go through the normal five hundred million dollar proving that it would have to go through if it was sold as a drug.


In any event, this gentleman contacted me and asked if I would be available to research his condition of pigmented glaucoma. At that point, I stated that based on the success we had seen in our clinic, there was virtuously no condition no matter how serious, whether it was terminal or genetic that didn't show some response when you fine tuned the body to eliminate major stressors including food sensitivities and detoxify the body and add in useful nutrient support therapy, often in aggressive levels so that we were using certain nutrients as an alternative to drugs in dealing with certain serious health problems.


Thus, I told the patient that I had no knowledge whatsoever of his condition called PG (Pigmentary Glaucoma) but I was an expert at identifying other unhealthy conditions utilizing laboratory medicine and optimizing his personal health by dealing with every abnormality we could uncover. This lead to a many year relationship after which today, the patient is still enjoying nearly perfect vision and has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my professional life in that this patient, motivated with the threat of not being able to run his families international business interests at an early age because of impending potential blindness, he actually would do (every day) whatever we recommended even if that meant hiring his own personal chef, buying all organic foods, moving out of his house into an environment that had correct living accommodations, etc.


Thus, the years in collaboration with that patient enabled me to visit the leading alternative and cutting edge medical centers of the world. I have traveled extensively over three continents and have been involved to visit any clinic or health facility or person that I heard of or learned of through publications, through the media, or from word of mouth that seemed to have an interesting or potentially useful new view point to optimize health. Thus, in these years I've truly had an opportunity to see healing in what would normally considered incurable conditions because of those around the world who are choosing in their daily lives to push the envelope with whatever particular modality they have become expert at.


Therefore, in those intervening years, I was lucky enough to go to virtuously every major alternative medical meeting in the world and meet first hand the leaders from three continents in alternative and holistic medical practices. This has now lead to my taking and developing a line of products for a company, Longevity Plus, that I believe will have significant benefit in enhancing the quality and length of life of virtuously every human that is luck enough to take some or all of the mutually supportive synergistic line of products that I have designed. Of course, I utilize all of this line of products on my own body since I feel that this is a reasonable way to show the benefits of aggressive long-term nutritional and hormonal support.


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