Garry Gordon, MD Is A Pioneer In Anti-aging, Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Who Helped Develop and Introduce Beneficial Therapies For Lead and Mercury Poisoning, Heart Attack, Strokes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hormonal Imbalances and Life-Threatening Diseases Using Chelation, Homeopathy and Nutrition.


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Garry Gordon, MD Gets Involved In Medical Research And Training

As I went forward then in this field, I was fortunate enough as program chairman of the American College for Advancement in Medicine to continue to have total control of who spoke to the chelation doctors and I continued to find world experts at lead poisoning or copper toxicity or the use of some new oral chelator such as DMAS in the treatment of hyperactivity and finally I wound up one day having a doctor (Lester Morrison) speak in approximately 1983 to the ACAM members. (Note: in those days, the organization was still called AAMP - American Academy of Medical Prevention).


 In 1950, Dr. Morrison had published in the journal of the AMA his outstanding work in the field of involving cholesterol in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis. By the time I met him, he had evolved far beyond that rather simplistic approach and was now interested in preventing the blood clots, which he felt that the hyper coagulability was clearly helping to set the stage for the hardening of the arteries and the fatal heart attacks and strokes that people were having. He had wound up researching Heparin and thus, led into other muco polysaccharides and his research had led him to finding a very interesting and promising electro negative compound that he was able to find in seaweed related compound. Namely red algae - the carrageenan aspect.


The exciting thing was that when I met him, he still had to take a large amount of this material that was not pleasant to take and two tablespoons twice a day required a patient to be highly devoted to taking what was then called the institute formula, which had many other active ingredients by that time. When we got together after he spoke to ACAM, it turned out that I was able to convince him that research published in Nature in 1961 had proven that the EDTA I was working with, would make his treatment work far more efficiently and we were able then to bring the dose down to taking a few tablets twice a day instead of a rather cumbersome and less than tasty tablespoons of material that had to be dissolved in fluid.


Thus, that important part of my life really came together and we were able to put a formula, which affordably would help prevent heart attacks and strokes in many people. At the same time, I continued to try to find in my role as medical director of the largest laboratory in the world doing trace element testing in Europe, Asia and the U.S. - Mineral Lab home offices of Hayward California ways to eliminate the heavy metal toxicity we were finding in sixty to eighty percent of the hair, blood and urine samples we were collecting from our doctor clients patients from around the world. In this regard, clearly, there were many choices of chelating agents that could be administered both orally and intravenously and there were many nutritional supplements that would offer significant protection such as selenium providing significant protection against mercury toxicity.


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