Garry Gordon, MD Is A Pioneer In Anti-aging, Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Who Helped Develop and Introduce Beneficial Therapies For Lead and Mercury Poisoning, Heart Attack, Strokes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hormonal Imbalances and Life-Threatening Diseases Using Chelation, Homeopathy and Nutrition.


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Garry Gordon, MD Learns About Minerals

Upon leaving there I visited my father, who was at that time practicing in Los Vegas and I was there a few short days when he told me there was an interesting conference going on in Los Vegas and that I might find it interesting to attend. That conference did significantly change my life because the speaker was John Miller, PhD former chief of research for Roeirig and Phizer Pharmaceutical companies and editor in chief of Chem Avtrecks, the most prestigious chemical journal in the world.


While chief of research, he had developed the first mineral vitamin combination in the history of the world. Until he did it, it was believed that minerals could not packaged with vitamins as they would cause interactions and explode on the shelf of the pharmacy! He developed the first one a day known as Viterra throughout the world. He subsequently in his continuing research concluded that minerals would not be widely bio-available to the body unless they were chelated. Thus, he developed chelated minerals, but upon retiring at the age of approximately 70+ years of age, the pharmaceutical company indicated that they had no desire whatsoever to develop a line of chelated minerals and he was given full permission to develop that on his own.


Thus, when I met him he was president of Miller Pharmical Company. Later, his accountant took much of the information from Miller Pharmical and started a competing company called Albion Company of Salt Lake City. Dr. Miller's lecture that I attended in Los Vegas showed that a garden treated appropriately with mineral balancing in which you diagnose the deficiency of mineral in the soil and you bring these minerals back in the form of chelated minerals, would have incredible award winning (in terms of size and resistance to infection) flowers including a rose that was still opening on a snowy day in Chicago.


Duly impressed, I decided to work with Dr. Miller and use those principals of chelated minerals on the property that my brother and I owned on the Forest Hill Divide, known as the Walker Ridge and associated properties. We had been told by the Department of Agriculture and the Forest Service that that land would never support more than bare clover. Utilizing the approach to diagnose the deficiencies and treat these deficiencies with chelated minerals, we turned it into a veritable park and the alfalfa grew deep enough to support Black Angus.


This impressed me sufficiently enough that I decided to utilize this kind of knowledge in the treatment of my patients and went ahead and started doing mineral analysis by hair, blood and urine on my patients and replacing the mineral deficiencies that I detected. This lead to increasing recognition that only adding good minerals to the body would have a limited benefit if the body continued to be poisoned by lead, mercury, aluminum, or (unclear), cadmium and other toxins in which we increasingly were able to diagnose in our patients biological samples utilizing the ICP (Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma Spectro Photometer).


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