Garry Gordon, MD Is A Pioneer In Anti-aging, Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Who Helped Develop and Introduce Beneficial Therapies For Lead and Mercury Poisoning, Heart Attack, Strokes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hormonal Imbalances and Life-Threatening Diseases Using Chelation, Homeopathy and Nutrition.


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Garry Gordon, MD's Early Life Story

I was born in Madison Wisconsin in 1935. I was the second of three children born to Richard Gordon DO and Louise Gordon. My father was a dedicated osteopathic physician who due to health problems that I was born with, which included being cross eyed, stuttering, etc. became interested in Cranial Sacral Therapy and sought out a Dr. Sutherland (the founder of Cranial Sacral Therapy) and became his first major student. My father taught Cranial Sacral Therapy and Manipulation at the Philadelphia College of osteopathic medicine, although he had graduated from the Des Moines College.


My brother went to the Chicago College of Osteopathy, which I entered two years after my brother entered. I entered that school in 1954, having been born in 1935 at the age of 19. I took undergraduate training at the University of Chicago. Entering there on my sixteenth birthday under a special program that the University of Chicago had for gifted students having only taken at that time two and a half years of high school. I then completed the premedical requirements for the Chicago College of Osteopathy at between Roosevelt University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin.


I graduated from CCO in 1958 and at that time, I helped my brother and father set up a twenty-four hour emergency clinic in Los Angeles in the Watts section. Since my brother had suffered a fracture of the spine and was in a total body cast, I actually saw patients for the next four months until I then entered my internship in Boston at the Boston Osteopathic Hospital. During my one year of internship, I believed that I would be practicing in Rifle, Colorado and would be expected to give full general anesthesia and due full surgery on patients because of the remote location where I planned to practice. Thus, I pushed my hospital for training beyond what they normally gave and when they couldn't provide hands on surgical training, I went to Boston City Hospital where they provided the training I was unable to get at my institution.



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