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Garry Gordon, MD Learns About EDTA and Chelation

Thus, my life led me to become an expert at chelation. Not only putting minerals in the body, but then the more fascinating area of utilizing chelation therapy to remove the toxins from the body. This lead to my study of the subject called EDTA. EDTA actually is a big chemical name for something that is basically four molecules of vinegar tied together. Everyone knows that vinegar (otherwise known as acidic acid) will actually start to dissolve egg shells over a period of hours, so the chelating power of acidic acid and in fact every weak organic acid becomes understandable and in a world that is polluted for the average man, women and child has a thousand times more lead in our bony tissues today than we did a few hundred years ago. The appropriate use of these weak organic acids, whether it's ascorbic acid or acidic acid (EDTA) or malic acid or a combination of these and or ferulic acid etc. becomes increasingly important in a world in which every single disease or health goal of a person is affected by the level of toxic metals in their system.


Thus I started looking into the medical library and reading up on EDTA and was instantly astounded to find that there were in excess of a thousand articles already published because EDTA was used (unclear) to prevent the clotting of blood. When you donate a unit of blood, we have to keep that blood from clotting and we use EDTA or citric acid, which is another weak organic acid to bind the calcium and prevent the clotting. The more I read up on EDTA, the more it became clear that there was something here that actually had been FDA approved and once sold by Abbot Laboratories for several things such as lead toxicity and elevated levels of calcium in the blood and that even tablets of this had been approved by the FDA to deal with what they called elevated AA symptomatic levels of elevated lead in the body.


As I started looking deeper into the research on this chelating agent and others, it became clear that this was a neglected area of medical practice that was going to require a group effort to formalize the existing knowledge base and move the field forward and thus I along with several of my colleagues formed the American College for Advancement in Medicine approximately thirty years ago. This group has expanded to over one thousand members in the recent past and the treatment that I helped develop for the appropriate intravenous use of one of the multiple chelating agents available in the market place; EDTA has been used on over one million patients at this time. About 85% of the patients believe that it has been useful in that it helped them relieve symptoms of what we would call today vascular occlusive disease or poor circulation.


Unfortunately, it doesn't work in every patient. But about 85% of patients feel that they were significantly improved sufficiently that they feel the money was well spent that they expended on getting 20, 30, 50 or a hundred of these treatments. I subsequently went into the field of finding out what other things we could do to assist this wonderful almost miraculous molecule EDTA so we wouldn't have 15% of the people not being benefited and hopefully tried to find out what the intravenous treatment was doing so that we could either find a stronger or more efficient agent that might take less than thirty plus treatments to provide these wonderful benefits that the plus or minus 85% of patients claimed to have received and hopefully lead to some understanding of how some of these benefits could be achieved in mankind with oral programs, which would clearly be more affordable, since they would be less intrusive into our days work without the need for sitting in a doctors chair for two to four hours and traveling back and forth to the doctors office.



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