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  • Annual Meeting, Southern Society Of Anesthesiologists, Dallas, Teas. “Clinical Evaluation Of A New Inhalational Anesthetic: 1 – Bromo - 1, 2 , 2 - Trifluorocyclobutane (42M - 9) “ , March 21, 1973.

  • Annual Meeting, Kentucky Medical Association And Kentucky; Society Of Anesthesiologists, Louisville, Kentucky, “Effects Of! Large Doses Of Intravenous Atropine On Heart Rate Of Anesthetized Patients.”

  • Summer Meeting, Kentucky Association Of Nurse Anesthetists, Louisville, Kentucky, “Taboos About Atropine,” July 3, 974.

  • IV European Congress Of Anesthesiologists, Madrid, Spain, “Clinical Evaluation Of A New Inhalational Anesthetic: 1 - Bromo - 1, 2, 2 - Trifluocyclobutane (42m - 9),” September 5 - 11, 1974.

  • Obstetrical; Nursing Seminar Of Norton - Children’s; Hospitals, Louisville Kentucky, “Obstetrical Anesthesia,” November, 1975.

  • National Health Federation, September Meeting,, Tampa, Florida, “Chelation Therapy”, September, 1980.

  • Slowing The Aging Process Seminar, Ft. Lauderdale, ‘Florida, “Exciting Therapies For Slowing The Aging Process,” December 14, 1980.

  • Wholistic Health Council Meeting, Largo, Florida, “Chelation Therapy”, February 9, 1980.

  • Reversal Of The Aging Process Seminar, St. Petersburg, Florida “Chelation Therapy,” October 4, 1981.

  • Slowing The Aging Process Seminar, St. Petersburg, Florida, 

  • “Mode Therapies For Arteriosclerosis”, January 24,1982.

  • Florida Naturopathic Physicians’ Association Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida, “Chelation Therapy”, June 17, 1982.

  • American Academy Of Medical Preventics Fall Meeting, Las Vegas,

  • Nevada, “Carotid Echoflow And Other Innovations In Preventive

  • Medicine,” November 20, 1982.

  • Innovative Concepts In Modern Medicine Seminar, Tampa, Florida, “Mode Therapies For The Treatment Of Arteriosclerosis,” January 16, 1933.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Supervising Counselors Staff Meeting, Easter, Seal: Rehabilitation Center, Pinellas Park, Florida, “ Chelation Therapy,” March 2 , 1983 

  • 20th, 21 St, And 22nd Annual Administrator’s Conference: (Bureau Chief, Police, And Fire Pension Funds), “Wellness, Health And Exercise,” Orlando, 1988, Orlando, 1989, And Tallahassee, 1990.



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