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 Alternative Health and Complimentary Medicine Directory

Books In Print

  • Carrow, D. J, And Linde, S., The Directory Of Holistic Medicine and Alternative Health Care Services In The U.S., Health Plus Publish, 1986.


  Books Completed (Now In Editing)

  • Carrow, D. J. and Mennicken, J, Personal Nutrition, Anticipated Publishing Date: 1996.

  • Carrow, D . J ., and Moore, W . H . , Medical Mayhem, Anticipated

  • Publish Ng Date, Open & Dependant On When I Leave The; Practice Of Medicine.


  Books In Progress

  • International Drug Index - Layman’s Version, Categoric Listing Of All Pharmaceuticals In The World (Russia Included). Will Detail The Chemistry, Use, Dosage, And Contraindications. (Publication Is On! Hold, Since Medical Economics Appears To Have Published My Ideas).

  • Secret Benefits Of Drug Therapy, Describes Unpublished Information In The Usual Applications Of Standard Pharmaceuticals.

  • Contemporary Medicine Compendium of The Integration Of Traditional and Nutritional Oval Medical Therapies, Will Present An Alternative Therapy For Most Disease Conditions.

  • Guide To Alternative Health Care Practitioners And Services; A Complete Compendium Of Alternative Providers And Services In North America, With In - Depth Listings Of Associations, Foundations, Training Centers, Publications, And Specialized Service Organization.

  • Trust Me, I’m A Doctor; This Is A Parody Of The Medical System In

  • The United States, Should Be In Press By End Of 1997.

  • Here’s To You Health; This Is A Biography Of The Evolution Of The

  • Radio Talk Program  “Here’ s To Your Health.” Should Be In Publication By End Of 1997


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